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Virtual Series Issues Editor


Dr. Masi Noor is a social psychologist and faculty member of the School of Psychology at Keele University, UK. He completed his PhD degree at Sussex University under Rupert Brown’s supervision. Masi’s main line of research focuses on studying the psychological experiences of victims and perpetrators with the aim to better understand effective conflict resolution strategies between adversary individuals, groups and communities. He coined the term Competitive Victimhood (the tendency of both adversary parties competing over their share of their victimhood) and was among some of the first researchers to systematically study the concept of forgiveness. He has published numerous journal articles on these concepts, and he has just published his new book Forgiveness Is Really Strange, a graphic comic based on scientific research and real-life stories. He is the co-founder of the Forgiveness Toolbox, and he was awarded the Early Career Award of the American Psychological Association’s Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict, and Violence.