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From our President

Wendy Williams

As many of you know, SPSSI is currently engaging in strategic planning. This has gotten me thinking about the changes in the organization since I became involved 18 years ago. When I first was gifted a SPSSI membership in graduate school, SPSSI was located in Ann Arbor, and I did not know much about what they did. What kept me involved after that gift membership, however,was learning about SPSSI’s advocacy for sound policy based on good science. 

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From our Executive Director

Anila Balkissoon

As organizational planning tends to imply, there is a watchful eye on SPSSI’s future.  The undertaking of strategic planning also lends well to learning about the organization’s current state of affairs, through informed insights of various key agents of the Society – leadership, staff, members, and affiliates.  Personally, I have been assured that SPSSI’s many recent transitions and plans are not only being met with careful thought, method, and creativity; but also with affirmation of SPSSI’s history and identity.  That is, we have some real agreement about who we are as an association and we collectively want to continue to offer programs and opportunity that benefit our members most.  It is with this knowledge that we continue to staff Central Office to meet the ongoing needs of our members and vital organizational functions.  

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From our Secretary-Treasurer

Richard Wiener

A lot has happened since the last newsletter column that I wrote.  Council and the Executive Committee have been busy over the last six months devoting a great deal of time and effort to our strategic planning initiative, and from the perspective of the Secretary Treasurer it is going very well.  The membership has participated in a data gathering survey, Council devoted most of the Winter meeting to coming up with “bold” ideas for SPSSI, and a SPSSI planning committee participated in a follow-up meeting to further articulate a new bold agenda.  I am excited about the new steps ahead for our organization.

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 Asia Eaton
2018 Conference Co-Chair

Jason Lawrence
2018 Conference Co-Chair

2018 SPSSI Conference


2018 Conference Co-Chairs

Asia Eaton & Jason Lawrence

We are only 10 weeks from the 2018 SPSSI conference in Pittsburgh, PA, June 29 - July 1, 2018! Since our last newsletter, we have been hard at work reviewing and accepting conference submissions, designing coherent groupings for the 15-minute talks, arranging the conference schedule, and confirming speakers and special events! You can find the preliminary conference agenda HERE, though we have received some requests to move sessions, which we are in the process of accommodating.

Consistent with our conference theme “Bridges to Justice: Building Coalitions and Collaborations Within and Beyond Psychology” we are excited to be hosting sessions on community-engaged scholarship, using research to influence policy, fostering academic collaborations to improve the success of underrepresented students, intergroup solidarity in social movements, the science of resistance movements, dilemmas and strategies in social justice education, classroom activism, addressing discrimination in the justice system, and more.

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