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Carey Ryan

Editor, JSI


Journal of Social Issues

I am pleased to have begun my term as Editor and am grateful to the outgoing Editor, Ann Bettencourt, and her editorial assistant, Mollie Price-Blackshear, for their strong support during this transition. I am also pleased to introduce an amazing new Editorial Board many of whom have already lent their expertise to the journal and helped identify ways to improve the submission and review process:

One important change is in the Submission Guidelines. We have eliminated the preliminary proposal and replaced it with a mechanism to encourage issue editors to disseminate Calls for Paper Proposals prior to submitting formal proposals. Calls for Paper Proposals are developed by the issue editors in consultation with the JSI editor and editorial board. I hope this new mechanism enhances the visibility of the journal, makes the publication process more inclusive, and ensures that each issue includes the best available research.

Our first Call for Paper Proposals has recently been issued by Kathleen Bogart (Oregon State University) and Dana S. Dunn (Moravian College). They are seeking contributions for an issue tentatively titled “Disability, The Forgotten Minority: Experiences with and Reactions to Ableism.” See their Call for Paper Proposals for more information.

Also, look for the following JSI issues this year:

Leadership and Social Transformation: The Role of Marginalized Individuals and Groups, edited by David Rast, University of Alberta; Michael Hogg, Claremont Graduate University; and Georgina Randsley de Moura, University of Kent

“Tell It Like It Is”: Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Call to Behavioral Scientists, edited by Andrew L. Stewart, Clark University, and Joseph Sweetman, University of Exeter

Work as a Masculinity Contest, edited by Jennifer Berdahl, University of British Columbia; Marianne Cooper, Stanford University; and Peter Glick, Lawrence University

The Reception of Immigrants and Refugees in Western Countries: Facilitators and Inhibitors of Positive Relations, edited by Victoria Esses, University of Western Ontario, and Jolanda Jetten, University of Queensland.

Wiley has introduced Early View. Final JSI articles will be published online immediately after proofs are corrected so that content is available to the community as soon as possible. I hope to expedite the publication process so that authors who complete their papers sooner are able to get their work out to the community even before the final issue is completed.

Finally, I would very much appreciate hearing from you! Please contact me if you are interested in editing an issue of JSI, have ideas about topics that you would like to see addressed in JSI, or have other questions or ideas. Also, be sure to check the JSI website for journal updates, including updates to the submission process.

Carey Ryan

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