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Morgan Furnari

SPSSI Intern


SPSSI Central Office Intern Report

It is easy to talk about change. Making empty promises causes people to feel betrayed and hopeless in a tumultuous political time, especially when social media controls the narrative with overwhelming transparency. I truly believed that this generation was stunted by a lack of communication to the people that make important political decisions, like Members of Congress and Senators, and wanted to work for an organization that is trying their best to clear those channels. From the moment I walked through the doors of SPSSI, I felt inspired by the determination of each employee to make a difference. Being an intern, I worked with each department head and tasked with diverse projects that allowed me to experience all of the working parts of this thriving organization. Learning about all of the grants, fellowships, and awards that they give to extremely deserving researchers on top of the congressional meetings about current topics such as genocide, LGBTQ+ rights, and countless others only encouraged me to work harder in my role. By highlighting these social issues, they are putting their words into action and helping to achieve results. By informing our leaders about the psychological depths of each issue, they can address the issue with an educated view of the matter and take a stance that reflects their views accurately. After a short while, I knew that I wanted to make the same positive impact in my career as each one of these employees do every day. This passionate environment cultivates creativity and a fervent drive to change the policies that our government has neglected to rectify. Working at SPSSI has been such a positive experience that has helped me to narrow my window of desired career paths. The work each employee does here is meaningful not only to individual members of the organization, but also to the country by educating and empowering our leaders.  

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