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Anila Balkissoon

SPSSI Executive Director


A new season will bring forth a service term commencement for many members of the SPSSI community.  It’s an exciting time of year as always, as we welcome several new colleagues to our leadership, working groups, and various standing and selection committees.  The September 1st term change will also bring several members into a second or third year of experience in their roles with SPSSI and into leading Chair positions.  At present, we involve well over one hundred new and continuing member volunteers on presidential committee appointments, and member-elected positions.  Through these unique placements, SPSSI members are positioned to become the driving force behind many upcoming plans and initiatives for the next year and into our future. 

If you haven’t before considered a service role with SPSSI, I want to take a moment to encourage you to reflect on this important professional development and networking opportunity.  Each summer, SPSSI staff and leadership conduct several weeks of recruitment leading into presidential appointment selections. Throughout the year we track members that express an interest in becoming more involved with the organization for the possibility of future placement.  Please reach out at any time to let us know if you are willing to consider committee or elected governance service with SPSSI or if you have questions about what this entails.  The range of duties are manageable time commitments and are as varied as the members we bring on board, to satisfy your own interest and insights into planning, operations, and SPSSI programs at many levels of engagement.  We welcome graduate students all the way up to post-retirement and emeritus scholars to participate in these efforts, as we recognize the clear value in diverse research concerns and professional backgrounds.  Our members serve with colleagues both familiar and new to their areas of expertise, and I have witnessed firsthand that these relationships can forge long-lasting collaborations and connections.  I hope when you think of the summer months in the years to come, you’ll recall that we want to hear from you and have you involved in this important work. 

We simply cannot be in the fortunate position of being able to welcome such talent to our ranks without the dedication and diligent work of our outgoing volunteers.  On behalf of Central Office, I want to offer a hearty thanks to outgoing committee Chairs, members and appointees, without whom we could be the impactful organization we are today.  With special thanks to our outgoing Council members:

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