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From our Outgoing President

Wendy R. Williams

In preparation for writing this column, I reviewed what I had written at this time last fall. I can happily report that we have made progress on each of the items that I reported to you were priorities for the 2017-2018 year (whew!).

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From our Executive Director

Anila Balkissoon

A new season will bring forth a service term commencement for many members of the SPSSI community.  It’s an exciting time of year as always, as we welcome several new colleagues to our leadership, working groups, and various standing and selection committees.

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From our Secretary-Treasurer

Richard Wiener

At lot has happened since the last newsletter column that I wrote. Council and the Executive Committee with a lot of help from Liz Scott our consultant from Brighter Strategies has progressed nicely on the new SPSSI Strategic Plan.

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