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Awards Spotlight

2018 Applied Social Issues Grant Recipients

Values Beyond ABC and 1-2-3: Leveraging the English-Language Classroom to Support the Flourishing of Adult Refugees and Immigrants
Debby Adams

Combatting a Fatal Combination: Assessing the Needs Related to Substance Use and Suicide in Rural Appalachia
Keri Frantell

Knowledge of and Attitudes towards Comprehensive Sex Education in East Tennessee
Renee Mikorski 


2018 Spring Clara Mayo Award Recipients

Psychophysiological Reactivity to Vicarious Discrimination
Effua SoSoo

American Ideal: Emotions and Behaviors Associated with Ideal Self-Discrepancies in the Context of Prejudice
Rachael Waldrop

Facebook LGBTQ Pictivism: The Effects of Rainbow Filters on Prejudice and Belonging
Lizbeth Kim

Here to help or hurt? How Framing Muslim Immigrant Willingness to Self-Police Affects Support for Immigration Policies
Mona El-Hout


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