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SPSSI-EASP Small Group Meeting

Self-affirmation within Education: 
Exploring why, when, and how self-affirmation interventions are effective at reducing educational inequalities.


June 27-28th, 2019
University of Sussex, UK

Organisers: Matthew J. Easterbrook (University of Sussex), David Sherman (University of California Santa Barbara) and Peter Harris (University of Sussex).


Applications are invited from SPSSI or EASP members to participate in a Small Group Meeting on self-affirmation interventions in education (for around 20 researchers) at the University of Sussex, UK, (near the city of Brighton and Hove), from 27-28th June, 2019.

Self-affirmation is a brief psychological intervention that can substantially reduce educational inequalities between groups with long-lasting effects.  Yet, in recent years, a few studies have found the interventions to be ineffective, or effective only for some individuals and/or groups, or in certain contexts or at certain points in development.  Given the promise and relevance of self-affirmation interventions to educational policy and practice, understanding this variation in their effectiveness is an important pursuit for the field.

This small group meeting aims to bring together leading and emerging researchers in self-affirmation in education to discuss and explore variation in the effectiveness of self-affirmation interventions.  Several leading researchers will give keynote presentations, and attendees are encouraged to submit applications for shorter presentations.  The event will have a strong focus on discussions and the exchange of ideas between researchers at all career levels. We are able to cover accommodation and subsistence costs of all participants for a small registration fee (~£150).

Deadline for applications: DEADLINE UPDATE:  The deadline for this event was formally moved to the December 15, 2018 to allow attendees time to plan their visit.  This was not announced in time for previous calls for applications.  The organizers encourage those who were planning to apply before the February deadline to contact them directly, and will do their best to consider all applications received before the February deadline.  The applications include a short synopsis of the applicant’s current affiliation and position, their research experience and interests in self-affirmation in education and, for those wishing to present, a title and short (200 word) abstract for a potential 20-minute presentation.  Queries should be sent to  The organizers will select participants with an eye to maximizing the diversity of the meeting. 

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