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Council Member 2017-2020

Adrienne R. Carter-Sowell, Ph.D., is a jointly appointed, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences and in the Interdisciplinary Critical Studies Program at Texas A&M University. She is an affiliated, faculty member of the Africana Studies Program, Diversity Science Cluster, and Women’s and Gender Studies Program in the College of Liberal Arts. Dr. Carter-Sowell earned her Ph.D. from Purdue University in 2010 and her B.A. from the University of Virginia. Currently, she is serving as an elected SPSSI Council Member, a Co-Chair of the SPSSI Early Career Scholars Committee, and a member of the SPSSI Editorial Board for the Journal of Social Issues (JSI). On campus, Dr. Carter-Sowell leads a program of research to identify and address the costs of being “socially and/or professionally invisible.” Hence, she is an expert scholar and when asked, an invited speaker on issues affecting underserved and underrepresented members of campus communities at the individual, interpersonal, and the institutional levels. She is the Lab Director and Principal Investigator for the Science for a Diverse Society Research Group. The research team, see, seeks to: • Be productive, proactive, inclusive, and ethical in all pursuits • Broaden participation in diversity science research activities. • Cultivate innovative collaborations and mutually beneficial partnerships. • Derive evidence-based strategies to foster suitable, meaningful, and enduring solutions. Dr. Carter-Sowell is an honored recipient of the APA, Division 35, Carolyn Payton Early Career Award and the Accountability, Climate, and Equity (ACE) Faculty Award from the Texas A&M University Department of Multicultural Services. Additionally, Dr. Carter-Sowell has successfully secured research grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF), as well as mentored many young scholars through degree completion and job promotion. Recently, she joined an External Advisory Board for a NSF Institutional Alliance project. Dr. Carter-Sowell is dedicated to her work combining scientific scholarship, social change, and diverse communities.