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Fighting injustice: The power of research, policy, and activism in challenging times

June 21-23, 2019 | San Diego, CA

SPSSI seeks individuals to serve as reviewers for the 2019 Conference. Those with prior experience reviewing proposals for symposia, papers, and posters are particularly encouraged to volunteer. Advanced graduate students are welcome as reviewers.

Proposals are expected to come from a diverse set of interest areas, including but not limited to: climate change; community organizing and collaborations; education; feminism and sexism; global sustainability; health and healthcare; human rights; immigration, migration, and displacement; intergroup conflict and violence; nationalism; poverty; privilege; promoting peace, respect, and justice; racism and discrimination; social movements and social change; war. Thus, we are eager for reviewers with a wide range of interest areas and expertise.

Timeline: Submissions will be distributed to reviewers in late December 2018, and need to be completed by late January 2019. As the review date approaches, we will provide you with information regarding the review process.

Manageable Workload & Easy Rating System: Each reviewer will review a set of proposals (e.g., symposia, 15-minute paper, posters) that includes 6-8 submissions. Reviewers of symposia will be given a smaller set given that symposia include several talks. No reviewer will have more than eight proposals to review.

The review of proposals and correspondence will all be conducted electronically. If you would be willing to review for the conference, please complete the short form in the link below:

Thank you for your willingness to serve as a reviewer for the SPSSI 2019 Conference!

Your 2019 Program Chairs,
Eileen ZurbriggenUniversity of California, Santa Cruz
Alyssa ZuckerUniversity of Florida

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