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Study of Social Issues


Dr. Alyssa Zucker

Join SPSSI in congratulating Dionne Stephens whose submission, "Tracking Attrition in Rape Prosecution in Alachua County, FL" received one of SPSSI's Fall 2018 Local and State-Level Policy Work Grants. Read more



Dr. Dionne Stephens

Join SPSSI in congratulating Dionne Stephens who has been awarded the American Psychological Associations’ Shining Star Award for her outstanding research and teaching in the area of multicultural psychology and diversity.



Dr. Patrick Grzanka

Please join SPSSI in congratulating Patrick Grzanka,
the 2018 Michele Alexander Early Career Award
winner. The Michele Alexander Early Career Award
for Scholarship and Service (Alexander Award)
award recognizes early career excellence in
scholarship as well as in service.


Dr. Violet Cheung

Join SPSSI in congratulating Violet Cheung, the winner of the 2019 Lynn Stuart Weiss Lecturer Award. Dr. Cheung will represent SPSSI as a lecturer at the 2019 APA Convention.


Dr. Ervin Staub

Please join SPSSI in congratulating the 2018 Otto Klineberg Award Winner Ervin Staub for his work, “Preventing Violence and Promoting Active Bystandership and Peace: My Life in Research and Applications.”


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                                                                                                                    - Kurt Lewin