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Jamie Franco-Zamudio

Co-Chair, Teaching & Mentoring Committee


SPSSI members have generously shared their teaching resources via our website, during conference sessions, and in small group meetings. If you have not already visited the teaching and mentoring pages on the SPSSI website, I encourage you to do so as you prepare your spring classes. On the syllabi webpage, you will learn which readings Joe Miles uses in his Advanced Group Methods class or how Janice Yoder includes content on social issues (i.e., sexism) during her Experimental Psychology class. The activities page, contains brief in-class assignments such as Stacey Williams’ Human Experiment activity, and in-depth projects such as Laura Dryjanska’s assignment for teaching about human trafficking. If you want to learn how to teach about intersectionality, the web-based resources page contains a link to Kim Case’s website.

We encourage you to apply for one of the Teaching and Mentoring Awards. Each year we send one SPSSI member to the National Institute for the of Teaching of Psychology and award SPSSI members for their Innovative Teaching and Outstanding Teaching and Mentoring. We recently added a Teaching Resources Prize and a grant to support an event focusing on teaching about social issues.

There are almost 20 members of the Teaching and Mentoring Committee and subcommittees, email Victor Adebusola or Jamie Franco-Zamudio if you would like to join a committee.

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