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SPSSI Contemporary Social Issues Book Series

Call for Editor Nominations

Deadline: January 11, 2019

The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI) invites nominations for the position of Editor of SPSSI’s Contemporary Social Issues Book Series.

The SPSSI Book Series affords authors an opportunity to treat in more depth SPSSI members’ concerns with social issues and problems of the times.  The Series takes an evidence-based, primarily psychological—but occasionally multidisciplinary perspective. A central tenet of the Series is the belief that an informed, objective analysis can generate fresh insights for changing behavior as well as guiding policy and actions to ameliorate societal challenges. For the past decade, the “Contemporary Social Issues” book series has engaged a variety of topics through a cohesive lens informed by this SPSSI tradition.  Future volumes in this series, each grounded in their authors’ expertise, will focus on areas of psychological inquiry relevant to social issues facing individuals, groups, communities, and/or society at large. Each volume will be written to speak to an audience largely of scholars and students—but also an audience of practitioners, policy-makers and individuals curious to know more. 

SPSSI is changing the Series’ publisher; during this transition the incoming Editor will assume primary responsibility for new projects and work with Emeritus Editor Dan Perlman who will have primary responsibility for volumes under contract with the previous publisher. 

Selection Criteria:  Nominees must be a SPSSI member.  Criteria to be considered include:

  • Demonstrated writing, reviewing, and editing skills
  • Ability to interface with the Series’ Publisher
  • Commitment to devote time to editorial duties that can be sporadic but can include reviewing book length manuscripts
  • Contacts with U.S. and international SPSSI members useful in proactively encouraging projects, recruiting reviewers, etc. 
  • Familiarity with the SPSSI intellectual tradition
  • Capacity to serve in an editorial role for the range of SPSSI-relevant topics.

Starting Date: The Editor should be prepared to begin work on or before May 1, 2019.

Nominations: Please provide a name and contact information for each nominee by January 11, 2019. Additional material may be sent, including curricula vitae and brief statements of interest or support, but at this point in the process, a name and contact information are sufficient. Self-nominations are welcomed. The length of the term is 3 years, renewable.  A modest annual stipend is provided. 

Send nominations and inquiries to: Anila Balkissoon 

In charge of the Search: The SPSSI Publication Committee

Geoffrey Maruyama, Co-chair
Chris Crandall, Co-chair
Kevin Lanning
Nhan Truong
Nazilla Khanlou
Lowinger, Robert
Sander van der Linden
Desdamona Rios

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