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SPSSI Mentor Lunch—Friday, June 21st: Sign up as a mentor or mentee

SPSSI’s mentor lunch event provides an opportunity for mentors who already have their PhDs to connect informally with 1-3 student mentees to discuss research, policy, and social issues; shared career goals; or common interests in issues related to diversity. Mentors and mentees will be matched based on their own interests and preferences.

The mentor lunch session will take place on Friday, June 21st during the scheduled conference lunch period. Mentors and mentees can reserve a spot at the event by (1) signing up as a mentor or mentee now and (2) purchasing the boxed lunch for Friday, June 21st. Then watch for an email from Angela Robinson, chair of the Graduate Student Committee. The email will contain a brief supplemental event registration form in order to facilitate the process of matching mentors with mentees based on common interests.

Sign up as a mentor if you already have your PhD (those working in all fields are welcome). Sign up as a mentee if you are currently a student.

How to Register

Registration for this event is full.