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SPSSI 2019 Summer Conference


Fighting injustice: The power of research, policy, and activism in challenging times

Many social issues of long-standing interest to SPSSI have increased in relevance and urgency in the last several years.  The United Nations warns that we may have as little as 12 years in which to limit climate change catastrophe and the effects of global warming will be most felt by disadvantaged people and countries. Authoritarian tendencies are on the rise in many nations, as they were at the time of SPSSI’s founding.  Political discussions are dominated by polarizing narratives, ones that sometimes deliberately inflame in-group/out-group tensions.  Civil rights movements concerning gender, race, and sexual orientation are experiencing backlash. Income inequality is increasing, as is hostility toward migrants and refugees. Technological advances have led to new types of propaganda campaigns that threaten democratic institutions.  Perhaps most disturbing, fact-based, empirical approaches to all of these problems are themselves under attack.  For those whose mission is to understand and eliminate social injustice, the last few years have been difficult ones.  Despite these many challenges, however, there is reason for hope. Activism has been vibrant and creative, with movements such as #metoo and #blacklivesmatter bringing attention to sexual harassment and racist police violence.  Feminist, liberation, and critical psychological theories are increasingly being developed, taught, and applied.  And the burgeoning interdisciplinary perspectives and methodological diversity within the social sciences position us to meet the pressing needs of our times. The SPSSI 2019 conference theme acknowledges the present challenges and re-affirms our collective belief in the power of social science research to inform policy and activism that can meet those challenges.  We invite you to come to San Diego to share your scholarship and current thinking and to reenergize for the continued work ahead.

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