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SIPR 2019 Summary of Articles

The article authors have generously provided summaries of each journal article that provide a synopsis of the findings and policy recommendations based on the research.

Changing (Un)ethical Behavior: The Causes, Consequences, and Solutions to Motivated Resistance

Elegant Science Narratives and Unintended Influences: An Agenda for the Science of Science Communication

Finding Common Ground: Synthesizing Divergent Theoretical Views to Promote Women's STEM Pursuits

Paradoxical Thinking Interviews: A Paradigm for Social Change

The Importance of Social Groups for Retirement Adjustment: Evidence, Application, and Policy Implications of the Social Identity Model of Identity Change

Observing Discrimination: Implications for Group Based Respect and Organizational Morality

Childhood Experiences and Intergroup Biases Among Children

Intergroup Toleration and its Implications for Culturally Diverse Societies