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SIPR Summary of Articles

The article authors have generously provided summaries of each journal article that provide a synopsis of the findings and policy recommendations based on the research.

2020 Articles

Understanding (and Reducing) Inaction on Climate Change

Why does workplace gender diversity matter? Justice, organizational benefits, and policy

An Evidence-Based Rationale for Adopting Weight-Inclusive Health Policy

How to Achieve Tax Compliance by the Wealthy: A Review of the Literature and Agenda for Policy

Mixed Signals: The Unintended Effects of Diversity Initiatives

Theoretical, Ethical, and Policy Considerations for Conducting Social-Psychological Interventions to Close Educational Achievement Gaps

Appealing to Moral Exemplars: Shared Perception of Morality as an Essential Ingredient of Intergroup Reconciliation

Public Communication as a Tool to Implement Environmental Policies

Rethinking the Bystander Effect in Violence Reduction Training Programs

How to foster male engagement in traditionally female communal roles and occupations: Insights from research on gender norms and precarious manhood

2019 Articles

Changing (Un)ethical Behavior: The Causes, Consequences, and Solutions to Motivated Resistance

Elegant Science Narratives and Unintended Influences: An Agenda for the Science of Science Communication

Finding Common Ground: Synthesizing Divergent Theoretical Views to Promote Women's STEM Pursuits

Paradoxical Thinking Interviews: A Paradigm for Social Change

The Importance of Social Groups for Retirement Adjustment: Evidence, Application, and Policy Implications of the Social Identity Model of Identity Change

Observing Discrimination: Implications for Group Based Respect and Organizational Morality

Childhood Experiences and Intergroup Biases Among Children

Intergroup Toleration and its Implications for Culturally Diverse Societies