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SPSSI Representative to APA COR

Janice Adelman is an applied social psychologist and has been an active member of SPSSI since 2005. Her past research focused on group dynamics as they relate to support for terrorism, political violence, and unethical research practices. She is currently shifting gears to explore how intergenerational, nature-connected, self-directed learning communities might address a number of different social issues: education (e.g., by improving learning outcomes and social equity in the treatment of children), community development and mental health (e.g., by decreasing loneliness/depression, increasing social capital), and sustainability (e.g., by cultivating a sustainability mindset through participation in nature). She previously served on the American Psychological Association’s Ethics Committee and was SPSSI’s newsletter editor. While in grad school, she was chair of SPSSI’s Graduate Student Committee. Janice earned her PhD in psychology from Claremont Graduate University, her MSc in neurobiology from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and her BA in neuroscience and psychology from Brandeis University.