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From our Editor

Ashley M. Votruba, J.D., Ph.D., University of Nebraska - Lincoln


It seems nearly unbelievable that in a few short days we will be ringing in 2020. Now that my course is complete and grades are turned in, I finally have time to reflect on what an amazing year 2019 has been. I am grateful for the time I’ve spent engaged in research, the wonderful students I work with, and the relationships I have built and nourished throughout the year. I also find myself reflecting on the policy related work SPSSI has advanced and the wonderful contributions The Forward has received. I sincerely thank everyone who has contributed this year. With this reflection, I also find myself excited by all of the possibilities of 2020!

As we reflect on 2019 in this issue of The Forward, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight issues surrounding ableism, and the Journal of Social Issues (JSI) that focuses on the topic. We have asked a number of contributors to provide brief synopses of their empirical articles and the implications for policy. This issue of The Forward includes the following:


The JSI special issue titles Ableism was edited by Kathleen R. Bogart and Dana S. Dunn. They provide an overview of the topic and themes of the special issue in this edition.

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Disability Policy in 2020


Forward edited
by Ashley Votruba