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NiCole Buchanan  

Dionne Stephens

Kim Case 

#Research2Share Free Webinar Series:
Putting Digital and Social Media Spaces to Work for Your Career

NiCole Buchanan, Ph.D; Dionne Stephens, Ph.D.; Kim Case, Ph.D.

Success in academia requires national and international prominence, but many pathways to that prominence are not accessible for many faculty. In academic contexts, faculty at all levels face increased internal demands for strong research programs and national visibility for tenure and promotion. More broadly, there are increased demands that publicly funded research be useful to the public.

Scholars that receive less research mentoring, professors at teaching institutions, scholars from marginalized backgrounds, those working in non-academic settings, and academics at minority-serving institutions often do not have the institutional resources necessary to travel widely to present their research and create national prominence. Simultaneously, these scholars are often conducting innovative research with direct application to social issues and non-academic audiences, but have fewer opportunities to cultivate public visibility of their work.

Our #Research2Share Free Webinar Series: Putting Digital and Social Media Spaces to Work for Your Career focuses on strategies for using digital platforms to increase awareness of your work and disseminate it for academic and non-academic audiences. These strategies are inexpensive, yet impactful, and reflect our values that our research should serve and be useful to the general public.

#Research2Share Webinar Series

This professional development webinar series will focus on distributing and publicizing research in ways that increase scholars’ visibility, while also increasing public awareness of research findings applicable to social issues, public policy, and group disparities (e.g., health, education, employment settings). The webinar series will highlight the potential resistance scholars may experience when engaging in self-promotion and the benefits of using digital media outlets to more widely share one’s scholarship with other researchers (psychology and beyond), the public, and policy-makers. Most important, the series will identify several concrete strategies for developing one’s research presence across several digital media platforms such as social media, public-facing websites, scholarly videos, etc. Examples of effective research promotion through digital media will be presented and discussed to promote participant planning of their own digital paths toward research distribution, national prominence, and scholarly excellence.

The webinar series is free. Before beginning the webinar series, we ask all participants to complete a
brief 5-10 min survey about your current use of digital media to highlight your research.

We will soon launch a website where you can register for the webinars and find resources and materials on promoting your research through digital media. Please add the following webinars to your calendar:

#Research2Share: Why Go Digital? Why Brand yourself?
View a recording of the webinar here.
Dionne Stephens, Ph.D., Florida International University

#Research2Share: This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Website
December 19, 2019 @ 2:00pm EST
Kim Case, Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University

#Research2Share: Become a Research Rockstar One Tweet at a Time
January 2020
NiCole Buchanan, Ph.D., Michigan State University

#Research2Share: Bring it on Home in Your Op-ed
February 2020
Gigi Awad, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

#Research2Share: The Naked Truth about Research on Social Media
March 2020
Keon West, Ph.D., Goldsmiths University of London

Special thanks to the Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs at the American Psychological Association. This project, Increasing the visibility and translational health disparities research skills of underrepresented faculty members’ using digital media, is funded by their CEMRRAT2 Task Force Implementation Grants Fund (IGF) for Ethnic Minority Recruitment, Retention, and Training in Psychology.

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