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Danielle Dickens



Danielle is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Spelman College. She received her BA in Psychology at Spelman College, and her MS and PhD in applied social and health psychology at Colorado State University. She has been a SPSSI member since 2016.


Consistent with the mission of SPSSI, she uses an interdisciplinary approach, as an instructor, mentor, and researcher, that is social justice focused around issues of race/ethnicity, gender, age, and class in higher education and the workplace. She teaches courses, such as Psychology of Women and Psychology of Racism, using an intersectionality and Black feminist pedagogical approach. In 2019, she was the recipient of the Mary Roth Walsh Teaching of Psychology of Women award for her innovative class assignment on gender identity.


Her involvement with SPSSI includes serving on the Early Career Scholars Committee (since 2018) and the Outstanding Teaching and Mentoring Award Committee (since 2017). In addition to her service in SPSSI, she serves as the Co-Chair of the Academic Feminist Psychology Committee (Division 35) and as a consulting editor for the Psychology of Women Quarterly. She also does work in the community by facilitating workshops to help Black women negotiate their experiences in the workplace.