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Simon Howard



Simon Howard is an Assistant Professor of Social Psychology and the Principal Investigator of the Psychological Social Inquiry (PSI) Lab at Marquette University. He received his BA in Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Psychology at San Jose State University, and his doctorate in Social Psychology at Tufts University. 


His research examines how race or sociocultural ideas associated with race (i.e., stereotypes) influence the psychological processes of both racially marginalized and non-marginalized group members. Recent work has explored the relationship between racial and gendered conceptualizations of religious deities (i.e., White Jesus/ Male God) and racial and gender hierarchies. 


He has been a member of SPSSI since 2015 and served on the Early Career Scholars Committee from 2016 to 2019. As a member of the Early Career Scholars Committee he co-organized a roundtable session on Diversity and Institutional Inclusion at Colleges and Universities in 2016 and a roundtable session for Early Career Scholars’ Professional Development in the 2017 and 2018.