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From our Editor

Ashley M. Votruba, Assistant Professor,
University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Seven or so months ago I would have anticipated writing this column energized by the 2020 SPSSI Conference. Unfortunately, SPSSI was unable to hold the conference, as planned, in June. Although it feels like a minor point in the context of the struggles so many people are currently experiencing, I’ve really missed being able to see my SPSSI colleagues and catch up on all the research and policy work being done. But in editing this Issue, I am heartened to see that SPSSI’s mission has continued. This Issue provides evidence of the incredible dedication of the SPSSI leadership and membership to furthering the research and social action mission of the organization. Although I wish we could have shared this work in person, I am glad that we can still maintain our sense of community and purpose through these communications. 


From our
Incoming President

Keon West, SPSSI President,
Associate Professor, Goldsmiths, University of London

We are living in a time of crisis. You must forgive me for saying so.  It is exactly the kind of thing leaders like to say: supposedly rousing, and focusing, and a great reason to re-double our efforts. After all, we’ve clearly been in a time of crisis for a while. Psychology has recently struggled with a “replication crisis” that called into question the accuracy of many of our findings. Some are now saying that we’re also going through a “crisis of relevance” that calls into question the meaning and importance of our findings. Surely, there has always been some crisis or another.

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From our Executive Director


Anila Balkissoon, SPSSI Executive Director

Months into living with a global pandemic, it need not be overstated that COVID-19 has affected each of us profoundly. As we continue our work, SPSSI remains committed to meeting members where they are in their individual challenges and experiences during this time. We strive to learn from our members every day on this front and endeavor to support your important work, with a restored responsibility from Council to confront the unique difficulties of these times. With these aims ahead, I find it fortunate that as an organization, SPSSI has a long history of rising to the occasion when times are very tough. Founded during the Great Depression in 1936, SPSSI was born out of a sense of obligation to improve society. I recognize our duty to follow in a legacy that calls for our work to always continue forward, at a crossroads where science meets conscience.

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Summer 2020
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A Focus on the Global South: Internationalization Committee Update

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Comparing Partisan Voters and Non-Voters in the 2016 and 2018 Elections and Beyond

Follow the Money: Racial Crime Stereotypes and Willingness to Fund Crime Control Policies 

Imagining Alternative Futures and Environmental Activism 

The Long-Term Impacts of Female Peer Mentors for Women in Engineering

Social Issues from the Student Perspective

Ten Graduate Students on the Impacts and Challenges of the Ongoing Pandemics, and What They’ve Learned
Forward edited
by Ashley Votruba