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Meet the Current SPSSI United Nations NGO Team Interns







Meroona Gopang, M.Phil.(she/her/hers) is a candidate in Population Health at Stonybrook University. She studies environmental epidemiology with a specific focus on environmental exposures such as Arsenic and its cardiovascular outcomes. She is intrigued to explore how diverse environmental and climate-related exposures affect the physical and mental health of underprivileged groups like women and children. To advocate for issues of climate justice, she hopes to combine the fields of environmental psychology, social justice, and environmental epidemiology that inform policy making. Meroona is committed to promoting the needs and rights of vulnerable people from the framework of environmental justice and health equity, going above and beyond her academic pursuits.




Hanh Annie Vu, M.S. (she/her/hers) is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Psychology at Rutgers University – Newark. Her overarching research focuses on psychological processes that either facilitate or hinder advancements in social justice. She currently studies psychological barriers to anti-racism education, defensive strategies to manage negative collective emotions amid racial injustices, and positive self-concepts that are beneficial for intergroup relations.





Yuanruo Xu (she/her/hers) is a 4th year Clinical Psychology candidate at Adelphi University. She has a focused interest in multicultural psychology and is engaged in examining cultural competency in clinical practice. Yuanruo is driven to understand the nuances of attitudes toward mental health treatment and how treatment outcomes manifest for underrepresented populations. Through her studies, she aims to bridge the cultural gaps in the field of psychology and promote a more inclusive and diverse approach to mental health care. Yuanruo's dedication not only extends to academics but also in advocating for the rights and needs of marginalized communities within the mental health spectrum.

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Yasmin Hussein
Fordham University’s Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology program.
Alison Goldberg
CUNY Graduate Center.
Anni Sternisko


Trisha Dehrone
University of Massachusetts

Maya Godbole

Priyadharshany (Priya) Sandanapitchai
Rutgers University

Mehrgol Tiv
McGill University


Trisha Dehrone
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Maya Godbole
Die City University of New York

Priyadharshiny Sandanapitchai
William Paterson University of New Jersey


Maya Godbole
Die City University of New York

Priyadharshiny Sandanpitchai
William Paterson University of New Jersey


Esther Burson
New York University

Roxanne Moadel-Attie 


Lindsay Blevins
Seton Hall University

Michelle Herrera
Fairleigh Dickinson University

Gina Roussos
Yale University

Sherry Zou
St. John’s University

Internship applications for SPSSI's United Nations NGO Team are typically due in the spring of each year. This year Applications will be accepted until May 31, 2024, or until positions are filled. The term of the internship runs from August to September of the following year. Please note that interns must live within commuting distance of New York City, as committee meetings and activities regularly require in-person attendance.