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Meet the Current SPSSI United Nations NGO Team Interns





Yasmin Hussein, MA
Yasmin is a third-year student in Fordham University’s Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology program. She is currently researching decision-making, more specifically individuals’ trust and utilization of algorithmic models. In the ever-growing use of machines in day-to-day life, Yasmin is interested in how trust is built with these machines and how this impacts their usage. She is also interested in the use of data in understanding disparities and hopes to understand this further while working with SPSSI.


Alison Goldberg, MA
Alison is a 4th year doctoral student in the Basic and Applied Social Psychology program at the CUNY Graduate Center. Alison’s research focuses on the intersection of social and health psychology, specifically the ways in which psychology can help identify the mechanisms underlying systemic inequities in health care access, and inform empirically supported interventions to address these inequities. She is currently investigating how providers’ attributions of responsibility and blame in the contexts of HIV transmission and unintended pregnancy can impact the health care services offered to cisgender women. 



Anni Sternisko, Ph.D. (she/her/hers) studies the psychological processes related to people’s world views and implications for society at large. She received her doctorate degree from New York University for her dissertation on conspiracy theory beliefs and their consequences for issues like public health, social justice, and environmentalism. She also studies political ideology and partisanship, polarization, and moral decision-making.


Laura López-Aybar
Laura is a 3rd year Clinical Psychology candidate at Adelphi University. She is currently studying mental health providers stigma and discrimination toward prosumers and individuals with lived experiences of mental illness. Her work is propelled by a critical, decolonial and feminist perspective on psychology. Moreover, she is currently participating in various projects examining stigma, mental health discourse and leadership. She is highly invested in conducting cultural and critical research that informs policy and fosters social justice.



Trisha Dehrone
University of Massachusetts

Maya Godbole

Priyadharshany (Priya) Sandanapitchai
Rutgers University

Mehrgol Tiv
McGill University


Trisha Dehrone
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Maya Godbole
Die City University of New York

Priyadharshiny Sandanapitchai
William Paterson University of New Jersey


Maya Godbole
Die City University of New York

Priyadharshiny Sandanpitchai
William Paterson University of New Jersey


Esther Burson
New York University

Roxanne Moadel-Attie 


Lindsay Blevins
Seton Hall University

Michelle Herrera
Fairleigh Dickinson University

Gina Roussos
Yale University

Sherry Zou
St. John’s University

Internship applications for SPSSI's United Nations NGO Team are typically due on June 1 of each year. Please note that interns must live within commuting distance of New York City, as committee meetings and activities regularly require in-person attendance.