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Accepting Applications Now for SPSSI Representatives at the United Nations!

Applications Invited to fill open positions as SPSSI NGO Representatives at the United Nations SPSSI welcomes applications to join its United Nations NGO Team. SPSSI Representatives bring psychological data and expertise, knowledge, understanding, and perspective to issues on the UN Agenda, including human rights, disaster relief, mental health and well-being, education, climate change, gender equality, migration, ageing, and the sustainable development goals. Representatives attend regular committee meetings and work collaboratively with other UN/ NGOs, UN Agencies and UN Missions. At times they function as advocates, plan and organize programs and draft statements for UN Conferences and meetings.

Position Description:

SPSSI UN/NGO representatives serve as non-paid volunteers. They participate in a variety of UN events, and share information about the priorities of the UN with SPSSI members through reports, newsletter articles and presentations at SPSSI meetings and conventions. The appointment is for two years with a review after the first year. Appointments are renewable for additional terms of two years. Representatives attend monthly UN/SPSSI team meetings (generally the first Thursday of each month) and participate in substantive NGO Committees on children, women, ageing, racism, migration, mental health, education, and sustainable development. SPSSI representations interact with UN and mission staff. They engage with other social scientists through the Psychology Coalition of NGOs accredited at the United Nations. They also take an active role in planning and carrying out Psychology Day at the United Nations, held annually at UN Headquarters in New York and attended by UN and mission staff, academics, practitioners, policy-makers, and students. More information is available HERE.

Position Requirements: