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Past SPSSI UN/NGO Events

Commission for Social Development 2020: SPSSI organized a panel at the United Nations Head Quarter New York on Preventing and Recovering from Homelessness: Contributions from Psychology [watch recording]

SPSSI UN/NGO Team presents, "Advancing Science in a Global Context: Scientific Engagement at the United Nations" at the 10th anniversary conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Science & Human Rights Conference. (October 2019)

SPSSI UN/NGO Team participates in the "UNICEF Backpack Activation." (September 2019)

SPSSI UN/NGO Team advocates for UNICEF USA at Senator Booker's Office in NJ (September 2019)

SPSSI UN/NGO Team participates in "350.Org for the Global Climate Strike: Art Build Workshop." (August 2019)

SPSSI UN/NGO Team participates in "HLPF 2019: Youth Climate Action for Small Island Developing States." (July 2019)

SPSSI UN/NGO Team participates in "The Time is Now: Psychological Contributions to Global Gender Equality - 12th Annual Psychology Day at the United Nations." (April 2019)

SPSSI UN/NGO Team is featured in a SPSSI Graduate Student Committee webinar, "Getting Global How to Integrate the United Nations into Your Graduate School Experience." (March 2019)

SPSSI UN/NGO Team hosts event entitled, "Commission on the Status of Women 2019: Women Leaders & Decision Makers Across Cultures: Lessons from Psychology." (March 2019)

SPSSI UN/NGO Team participates in SPSSI's 2019 Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill. (January 2019)

SPSSI Sponsors Side Event on Promoting Equal Access to Mental Health Resources for All Ages (February 2017)

SPSSI Co-Sponsors Ninth Annual Psychology Day at the UN: From Vulnerability to Resilience: Using Psychology to Address the Global Migration Crisis (April 2016)

The Elimination of Racial Discrimination and Racial Conflicts in the post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda: Implementing Human Rights Learning Practices (May 2014)

Refugee Children and the Right to Early Childhood Education: A Humanitarian and Sustainable Development Issue (February 2014)