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Fall 2022 Clara Mayo Grants recipients:

Sheba Aikawa (University of Colorado Boulder)
Untrustworthy ally:  The unintended consequences of messages targeting Black women

Samuel Carr (Northeastern University)
Gender Inclusive Movement for Youth in K-12 Schools: An Exploratory Study

Elise Kaufman (University of Maryland, College Park)
Children’s Evaluations about Teacher and Peer Bias in the Classroom Context

Liora Morhayim (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
Buffering Effects of Negative Intergroup Contact through Complex Social Identities

Laura Pazos (University of Reno, Nevada)
Perceptions of Gender Nonconforming Child Bearers and Abortion in the Wake of Overturning
Roe v. Wade

Yiwei Quan (University of Toronto)
Chinese international students and anti-Asian racism on campus in Canada:  Advocacy, coping strategies, and social media discourse

Spring 2022 Clara Mayo Grants recipients:

Jenessa Canen (Western Kentucky University)
Minority Stress Through Time: Sexual Minority Stress and Suicide Risk Across Generations 

Rachel Cook (Georgia Southern University)
It’s Not A Phobia: Reducing Transnegativity Using Imagined Intergroup Contact 

Daniela Gonzalez (Indiana University)
Health vs. Success: Examining whether exposure to negative stereotypes motivates engagement in unhealthy behaviors among low-SES college students 

K. Colin Li (Wake Forest University)
A Short Scale of College Belonging: Factor Structure, Measurement Invariance, and Predictive Validity  

Grace Wetzel (Rutgers University)
Challenging biological justifications for the orgasm gap: Implications for immutability beliefs and orgasm pursuit

Katsumi Yamaguchi-Pedroza (Pennsylvania State University)
Perceiving sexual violence against women of color: Where are the allies?

Fall 2021 Clara Mayo Grants recipients:

Courteney Rae Palis (The New School for Social Research)
On the Front Lines of a Double Pandemic: Exploring the Effects of COVID-19 and Anti-Asian Racism on Filipino American Woman Nurses

Marissa Traversa (Simon Fraser University)
Is Cancel Culture Validating? The Role of Collective Validation in the Relationship Between Cancel Culture and Collective Action

Emma Wedell (University of Connecticut)
How Prejudice Confrontation Styles Shape Lay Understandings of Prejudice Confrontations

Spring 2021 Clara Mayo Grants recipients:

Rebecca Burchette (Indiana University)
Is This Reverse Racism? Perceived Exclusion Among White Americans Increases Mistreatment of Black Employees

Okeoma Nwakama (Fordham University)
Centering Ourselves: Exploring the Use of Emotional-Approach Coping in Response to Gendered Racism Among Black Women

Adilene Osnaya (Purdue University)
Anticipated Discrimination and Psychological Distress among Latinx Individuals: Examining Moderators

Jessica Roncker (University of Cincinnati)
Climate Safe Neighborhoods Community Toolkit

Adele Weaver (University of Maine)
How Race, Gender, and Body Positioning Impact Perceptions and Interactions with Those in Power

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