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Fall 2023 Grants-in-Aid recipients:

Carrie Bohmer
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
The overturning of Roe v. Wade and people capable of pregnancy: An interpretative phenomenological analysis

Jayantika Chakraborty
Clark University
Anti-poverty psychology: Empirical investigations into poverty-induced instability and children’s developmental outcomes

Katherine Cook
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Project PACE: Development of a Career Intervention for Women in a Transitional Housing Program

Álvaro Gamio Cuervo
University of Massachusetts Boston
Suicidal Thoughts, Racial-Gendered Discrimination, and Post-Traumatic Sequelae: Ecological
Momentary Assessment of Discrimination-Induced Suicidal States within a TNGE BIPOC
Community Sample

Ymke de Brujin
Utrecht University
Reflection turned into action: Fostering anti-racism action among
White Dutch youth

Kristina Dickman
University of Pittsburgh
Cardiovascular Health Impacts of a Brief Social Belonging Intervention

Fade Eadeh
Seattle University
Josephine Whittock
Seattle University
When the Alarm is Coming from Inside the House: Grant Request

Ana Gantman
Brooklyn College
Exploring racial disparities in the policing of rarely followed rules

Erica Granz
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Implications of Holiday Environment for Religious Minorities’ Comfort and Perceived Level of Anticipated Care.

Abriana Gresham
Ohio University
Vincenzo Olivett
Florida State University
Exploring the implications of automatic partner attitudes and cognitive reappraisal for
relationship maintenance intentions in violent intimate relationships

Joseph Guerriero
State College
Thinking ahead to do better now: Legacy-focused cognition and its link to environmental sustainability

Vanessa Ivy
Ohio State University
Systemic permanence beliefs and collective action: Within system change vs dismantling
systemic change

Cameron Kay
Union College
“It’s either us or them”: Establishing the link between conspiracist ideation and
generalized prejudice

"Alice" Eunmyoung Lee
University of Maryland
Exploring the Effects of Gendered Racism and Intersectionality
on the Mental Health of Asian American Women

Fahima Mohideen
Rutgers University-Newark
Does Engaging in Collective Action Against Injustice Enhance Feelings of Meaning in Life?

Gregory Rousis
University of South Florida
Feeling Seen: Self-Verification, Identity Fusion, and Extremist Violence Against Women Among Incels

Kyara Mendez Serrano
Palo Alto University
Group Differences: The Impact of Internalized Racism on Deviant Behavior in
Latine and Asian American Young Adult Men

Maitland Waddell
Simon Fraser University
Learning by doing: Using a perspective-taking intervention to challenge poverty
stigma and create allies in the classroom.

Leila Wallach
Palo Alto University
Amanda Fanniff
Palo Alto University
Nubiana Mitchell
Palo Alto University
Sofia Drotts
Palo Alto University
Investigating Perceptions of Procedural Justice and 4th Amendment Rights in Black and White Youth

Spring 2023 Grants-in-Aid recipients:

Lindsay Browne
The University of Houston
Identity Development and Social Support in Transgender Populations
Kayla Burd
University of Wyoming
Mary Kate Koch
University of Florida
Jaylan Aliev
University of Wyoming
The School (Resource Officer)-to-Prison Pipeline? The Influence of Youth Race andMaturation Bias on School Resource Officer Decision Making
Mason Burns
University of Indianapolis
Sarah Paz Martin
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Disrupting Misperceptions of Past Social Justice Movements to Increase Contemporary
Anti-Racist Efforts
Ellen Carroll
University of Arizona
Increasing White Individuals’ Support for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives With
an Actionable Procedural Justice and Social Identity Framework
Mary Carson
University of Pittsburgh
Workplace sexual harassment, nocturnal blood pressure, and subjective as well as
objectively-assessed sleep in midlife women
Michael Dolezal
University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Standing together: Utilizing latent transition analysis to investigate how received social
support and community solidarity protect against psychological distress at the one-year
anniversary of the Club Q shooting
Jesica Fernandez
Santa Clara University
Youth for Justice Project (YJP): Examining Sociopolitical Citizenship among BIPOC Youth
Jessica Glazier
Northeastern University
Analía Albuja
Northeastern University
"“But aren’t they too young to know they are transgender?”: Perceptions of gender
development and the rise of anti-transgender legislation"
Chenglin Hong
University of California Los Angeles
Utilizing Machine Learning and technology-based intervention for intimate partner violence and HIV prevention among sexual minority men: A mixed-method study
Elizabeth Klein
Boston College School of Social Work
Drivers and Health Utilization Effects of Medical Trust and Mistrust in the Aftermath of
an Infectious Disease Outbreak in Sierra Leone
Quinmill Lei
DePaul University
An Analysis of Community Member Displacement in Chicago’s Chinatown
Andrea Mah
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Shannon Callaham
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Influencing Equitable Disaster Aid Policy Preferences
Laura Matheson
University of Victoria Exploring
Plurisexuality in Mostly Heterosexual-Identified Women
Huiguang Ren
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Longitudinal and Bidirectional Approaches to Examining Racial-Ethnic
Socialization Processes in Chinese American Families During the Racism Pandemic
Luis Rivera
Rutgers University
The Role of Colonialism in Puerto Ricans’ Implicit and Explicit Racial Identities andStereotypes
Eduardo Rivera Pichardo
New York University
The Social Psychology of Colonial Ideologies: A Decolonial System Justification Perspective on the Puerto RicanStatus Dilemma
Daniel A Rodriguez Ramirez
University of California, Santa Cruz
Enacting Change: Learning from Activists' Transformative Change Visions, Processes, and Actions
Marissa Traversa
Simon Fraser University
Gender demographic measures and gender queer participants’ wellbeing
Hanh Annie Vu
Rutgers University – Newark
John T. Jost
New York University
Luis M. Rivera
Rutgers University – Newark
A System Justification Perspective on Opposition to Anti-Racism Education
Tyler Waldon-Lee
Tulane University
Social Ecology and Dehumanization
Yi Xiao
University of Washington Tacoma
Christopher R. Beasley
University of Washington Tacoma
Incarceration History and Ethnic Bias in Hiring Perceptions: An Experimental Test of
Intersectional Bias & Psychological Mechanisms
Youchuan Zhang
Michigan State University
Disparities in Sleep Duration among American Adolescents: Intersections of Identities, Discrimination,
and Structural Stigma

Fall 2022 Grants-in-Aid recipients:

Chelsie Burchett
Stony Brook University
How Mentors Impact Career Trajectories: The Intersectional Impacts of Race, Ethnicity and Gender on People of Color in Academia
Christine Rosales
California State University, Monterey Bay
Exploring How White Supremacy Reasserts Itself In City Decision-Making
Gagan Khera
Curry College
Jessica F. Saunders
Ramapo College of New Jersey
Changes in body image, disordered eating and identities among South Asian American women: A 25-year longitudinal study
Haley Dawson
Florida International University
Assessing retention, secondary trauma and interviewing practices of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners
Jerica Knox
University of Maryland
Leveraging Educator Readiness to Increase Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Professional Development Effectiveness
Kiet Huynh
Palo Alto University
Development and Validation of the LGBTQ+ People of Color Microaggressions
Kimberly Muellers
Pace University
Sharifa James
Pace University
Lisa Rosenthal
Pace University
Assessing the impact of structural and interpersonal stigma on sexual and reproductive healthcare among U.S. women of color
Kityara James
University of Texas at El Paso
The Effects of Identity Conflict in Minority Police Officers on Job Satisfaction and Vocational Connectedness
Laura Bond
Boston College
Professional Growth of Non-specialists within a Task-Shifted, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Intervention in Rwanda

Louisa You
University of Toronto
Inter-minority coalition building depends on context
Madison Silverstein
Loyola University New Orleans
Marielle M. Gomez
Auburn University
Erica D. Lee
Emory University
A Training and Mentoring Program for Future Psychologists of Color
Margaret Lawlace
University of Cincinnati
Perceived Family Support for Latina Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence: Implications for Well-Being, Help-Seeking, and Healing

Megan LaMotte
University of Nevada, Reno
An In-depth Qualitative Exploration of What Underlies the Black-White Mental Health Paradox
Megan Moran
Colorado State University
The Role of Engagement in the Efficacy of Mindfulness-based Intervention for Adolescents
Mollie Price-Blackshear
University of Central Arkansas
Racial-Affirmation and Self-Affirmation among African Americans: Effects on Self- and Race-Relevant Outcomes
Patrick Grzanka
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Abortion Attitudes in the Post-Roe U.S.: Urgent Perspectives from a State where Abortion is Fully Criminalized
Rebecca Totton
Amherst College
Being Asian in American: Mental and Physical Health Outcomes of Racial Assignment Incongruity Amongst Asian Minorities
Rosa Bermejo
Stony Brook University
Vicarious Racism: The College Student Experience of Indirect Discrimination
Shiza Shahid
The University of Southern Mississippi
Social Dominance Orientation, Ambivalent Sexism and Prejudice toward Working Women in America and Pakistan
Sophie Brickman
University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Temporal Relations among Posttraumatic Growth, Posttraumatic Depreciation, and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms in Sexual Assault Survivors
Tessa Benson-Greenwald
University of Pittsburgh
Valuing Perspectives & Promoting Inclusion: The Impact of Valuing Subjectivity in STEM Contexts for Underrepresented Groups

Spring 2022 Grants-in-Aid recipients:

Maira Areguin (University of Michigan) 
Surveilled but not seen: Experiences of low-wage and precarious workers

Katarina AuBuchon (George Washington University) 
The Pain of Discrimination and the Potential Buffering Role of Acknowledgment

Jackelyn Avila (University of Florida) 
“Vota por mi”: Latinxs’ views of politicians’ appeals as genuine vs. Hispandering 

Ivan Cano-Gomez (London School of Economics and Political Science) 
All in This Together? Combatting shaming of the poor in the context of widespread economic uncertainty 

Jared Cutler (Portland State University) 
Understanding the Nuanced Relationship Between Mindfulness and Racial Prejudice 

Gia Davis (Clark University) 
Path to Abolition for White Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence 

Erin Fekete (University of Indianapolis) 
Using Self-Compassion to Reduce Internalized Weight Stigma and Promote Well-Being 

Aleah Fontaine (University of Manitoba) 
Understanding Solidarity: The Role of Gender, Ethnicity/Race, Inclusive Victim Consciousness, and Emotional Responses to Injustice 

Katelyn Frey (The University of Akron) 
The Development of an Ageist Microaggression Taxonomy 

Eva Garcia Ferres (University of Florida) 
When We Maintain Bad Systems: Social Status, Hopelessness,and Inaction

Hu Young Jeong (Clark University) 
Exploring the Link between Perceptions of Group-Based Power and Resistance among Asian Americans 

Yeweon Kim (University of California Santa Barbara) 
The Bystander Public for Online Incivility: Development of the Bystander Counter-Intervention Model 

Michelle Leon (Fordham University) 
Perceived Experiences of Within-Group Discrimination among Latinx Adults  

Josh Lown (Boston College) 
The Ghosts of Gentrification: An Ethnographic Analysis of Perceptions ofGentrification and Long Time Residents’ Well-Being and Perceived Social Control 

Kunalan Manokara (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands) 
Enzo Cáceres Quezada (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands) 
Benedek Paskuj (BBC London) 
Restorative function for liberals, reactionary response amongst conservatives:Power distance amplifies political orientation divides in anti-migrant sentiment 

Rachael Peck (University of Colorado Colorado Springs ) 
Women’s Health, Body Image, and Negative Sexual Experiences: A Latent Class Analysis 

Angela Robinson (University of California Irvine) 
Discrimination Toward Birthing Women in the United States During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Kelsie Thorne (University of Michigan) 
Sexual Harassment of Black Queer Women in the Workplace 

Domonique Tunzi (Vanderbilt University) 
Unpacking the Role of Emotion Regulation in Adolescent Development of Antiracism  

Carolyn Weisz (University of Puget Sound) 
Challenges and Opportunities in Addressing Homelessness through a Racial Equity Lens 

Geoffrey Wetherell (Florida Atlantic University) 
How conformity with traditional masculine norms and precarious manhood predict support for political policies limiting the participation of women in the public sphere, and their rights in the domestic sphere respectively

Andrew White (Indiana University)
Amanda Diekman (Indiana University) 
Integrating Motivational and Identity Perspectives to address LGBTQ Disparities within STEM Education

Caitlin Yantis (Franklin & Marshall College) 
Valerie Jones Taylor (Lehigh University)  
Relational identity-safety cues Black and Latinx Americans seek during interactions with White Americans

Sarah Zlatkovic (Claremont Graduate University (CGU)) 
Research on Disability-Inclusive Evaluation (ReDI Eval): Testing Persuasive Messaging Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior 

Fall 2021 Grants-in-Aid recipients:

Sally Barker (University of Maine)
Navdeep Kaur (University of Otago)
Jordan LaBouff (University of Maine)
Understanding Caste-ism: The Role of Perceived Threat and Identity Centrality in Intra-group Bias Among Hindus in India

Alexis Briggs (North Carolina State University)
The Young Black Activists Project

Mason Burns (University of Indianapolis)
Alexandria Hamilton (University of Indianapolis)
The Daughter Defense: Perceptions of Men Who Invoke Their Daughters in Defense/Denial against Accusations of Sexual Harassment

Diego Castro (University College London)
The silent burden of discrimination: understanding processes leading to the internalization of stigma among diverse populations

Nabiha Chaudhary (University of Cincinnati)
Examining formation and negotiation of femininity among South Asian immigrant women in the U.S.: An intergenerational analysis

Josal Diebold (University at Buffalo)
Investigating Mutual Interest Among White Antiracist Organizers

Samuel Freel (New York University, Steinhardt)
The progress and long-standing injustice (LSIN) narratives of U.S. race relations and their impact on collective action for racial justice

Elizabeth Inman (Stony Brook University)
Examining IPV Stigma as a Predictor of Health Behavior: A Repeated-Measures Study

Devon LaBat (Florida International University)
The Effects of Perspective-Taking on Juror Decisions in Police Excessive Use of Force Cases

Joel Le Forestier (University of Toronto)
An Experimental Intergroup Contact Field Intervention on Social Media

Lisset Martinez-Berman (University of Connecticut)
The Structure of Vaccine-Related Attitudes and Behaviors

Eva McKinsey (North Carolina State University)
Jeni Burnette (North Carolina State University)
Sarah Desmarais (Policy Research Associates)
Elan Hope (North Carolina State University)
Leveraging Growth Mindsets to Address Punitive and Racially Disparate Sentencing

Stephanie Miodus (Temple University)
Justice-Involved Youth Perceptions of Mental Health Care Services in Institutional Settings

Harrison Oakes (University College London)
An Intersectional Analysis of Intra-Minority Stress in Sexual Minority Men’s Dating App Use and Mental Health

Krystal Perkins (State University of New York)
What it Means to be American: Markers of Everyday Nationhood

Harrison Schmitt (University of Arizona)
Chronic Environmental Contamination: Stress and Coping in an Environmental Justice Community

Veronica Shepp (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Seeking Support Under the State: Experiences of Sex Workers Accessing and NavigatingGender-Based Violence Services and the Role of Informal Support

Danyel Smith (Virginia Commonwealth University)
How do cultural norms shape healthy eating in African Americans?: The role of cultural congruence and mindsets of health in healthy eating intentions amongAfrican American college students.

Pauline Song (University of Victoria)
A Narrative Exploration of Racialized Youths’ Experiences of the Mental Healthcare System in Victoria, BC

Jordan Starck (Stanford University)
Perpetuating Inequality in Pursuit of Diversity

Juan Valladares (Lehigh University)
A Sociocultural Perspective of Interracial Contact: Examining the Efficacy of Sociocultural Contact on Racial Minorities’ and Majorities Interracial Experiences

Hui Zhang (Westfield State University)
Charles Matthew Stapleton (Springfield College)
Conversations with Peers about Discrimination and Cross-Ethnic Friendships among Asian American Emerging Adults

Spring 2021 Grants-in-Aid recipients:

Kelly Burke (University of Illinois-Chicago)
Understanding Why Interracial Police-civilian Interactions Can End Poorly

Tania Chowdhury (NYU)
Exploration of Past Bias-Based Bullying Victimization and Adult Mental Health and Identity Outcomes among South Asian Muslim Americans

Lydia Emery and Rebecca Carey (Northwestern University)
Coffee-Mates: Leveraging the Benefits of Cross-Class Interactions in College

Rebecca Fix (Johns Hopkins University)
Elevating voices of Black students to strengthen mentoring practices among white faculty members

Reihonna Frost-Calhoun (Clark University)
Former Foster Youth’s Experiences of their Sibling Relationships in Foster Care and into their Adult Lives

Maria Garay (Tufts University)
Stereotyping and Subordination of Multiracial Groups: Examination of Racial Ancestry and Physical Appearance

Richard Harris (University of Reading), Ann E. Wilson-Daily (Universitat de Barcelona), and Markus Kemmelmeier (University of Nevada, Reno)
An examination of LGBTQ+ students’ lived experiences in high schools

Kate Luxion (University College London)
Legacies and Futures: Vulnerability, Resilience, and Health among LGBTQIA+ Gestational Parents and their Children

Erin O'Callaghan (University of Illinois-Chicago)
A Continuum of Sexual Experiences: A Qualitative Study of Substance-Involved Sexual Assault Survivors and Their Sex Lives

Cara Ray (Loyola University)
Invoking Moral Foundations to Encourage COVID-19 Vaccination

Ariana Rivens (University of Virginia)
Getting in the Door: An Investigation of Mental Health Service Utilization Among Black College Students

Lillian Rodriguez Steen (Ontario Tech University)
Promoting Clarification Requests in Interviews with Children

Benjamin Ruisch (Leiden University)
Understanding Democratic Backsliding: How the (Perceived) Ideological Trajectory of Society Drives Support for Anti-Democratic Behavior

Selime Salim (Miami University)
Longitudinal Examination of Sexual Violence among Bisexual Women

Kiara Sanchez (Stanford University)
A Threatening Opportunity: Friends Talking about Race

Priscilla Shum (Simon Fraser University)
Observing female vs. male-dominated cross-gender interactions and subsequent impact on ambivalent sexism and gender stereotyping

Molly Speechley (Griffith University)
Characterizing transgender identity experiences: A systematic review and meta-ethnography

Adam Stanaland (Duke University)
The (White) Man for the Job: Fragile Masculinity and White Men’s Endorsement of Political Bigotry

Melanie Tran and Tara Mehta (University of Illinois-Chicago)
The Multifaceted Roles of Sports-Based Youth Development (SBYD) Staff: Supporting Marginalized Youth Through Multiple Public Health Crises and Beyond

Faith VanMeter (University of Minnesota)
The Influence of Researcher Characteristics on Self-reported and Observed Policy Engagement: The Mediating Role of Self-efficacy and Policy Concern

Vanessa Volpe (North Carolina State University)
Processes Linking Exposure to Intersectional Racism and Sexism with Emotional Eating for Black Young Adult Women

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