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Congratulations to SPSSI's Spring 2021 Grants-in-Aid recipients:

Kelly Burke (University of Illinois-Chicago)
Understanding Why Interracial Police-civilian Interactions Can End Poorly

Tania Chowdhury (NYU)
Exploration of Past Bias-Based Bullying Victimization and Adult Mental Health and Identity Outcomes among South Asian Muslim Americans

Lydia Emery and Rebecca Carey (Northwestern University)
Coffee-Mates: Leveraging the Benefits of Cross-Class Interactions in College

Rebecca Fix (Johns Hopkins University)
Elevating voices of Black students to strengthen mentoring practices among white faculty members

Reihonna Frost-Calhoun (Clark University)
Former Foster Youth’s Experiences of their Sibling Relationships in Foster Care and into their Adult Lives

Maria Garay (Tufts University)
Stereotyping and Subordination of Multiracial Groups: Examination of Racial Ancestry and Physical Appearance

Richard Harris (University of Reading), Ann E. Wilson-Daily (Universitat de Barcelona), and Markus Kemmelmeier (University of Nevada, Reno)
An examination of LGBTQ+ students’ lived experiences in high schools

Kate Luxion (University College London)
Legacies and Futures: Vulnerability, Resilience, and Health among LGBTQIA+ Gestational Parents and their Children

Erin O'Callaghan (University of Illinois-Chicago)
A Continuum of Sexual Experiences: A Qualitative Study of Substance-Involved Sexual Assault Survivors and Their Sex Lives

Cara Ray (Loyola University)
Invoking Moral Foundations to Encourage COVID-19 Vaccination

Ariana Rivens (University of Virginia)
Getting in the Door: An Investigation of Mental Health Service Utilization Among Black College Students

Lillian Rodriguez Steen (Ontario Tech University)
Promoting Clarification Requests in Interviews with Children

Benjamin Ruisch (Leiden University)
Understanding Democratic Backsliding: How the (Perceived) Ideological Trajectory of Society Drives Support for Anti-Democratic Behavior

Selime Salim (Miami University)
Longitudinal Examination of Sexual Violence among Bisexual Women

Kiara Sanchez (Stanford University)
A Threatening Opportunity: Friends Talking about Race

Priscilla Shum (Simon Fraser University)
Observing female vs. male-dominated cross-gender interactions and subsequent impact on ambivalent sexism and gender stereotyping

Molly Speechley (Griffith University)
Characterizing transgender identity experiences: A systematic review and meta-ethnography

Adam Stanaland (Duke University)
The (White) Man for the Job: Fragile Masculinity and White Men’s Endorsement of Political Bigotry

Melanie Tran and Tara Mehta (University of Illinois-Chicago)
The Multifaceted Roles of Sports-Based Youth Development (SBYD) Staff: Supporting Marginalized Youth Through Multiple Public Health Crises and Beyond

Faith VanMeter (University of Minnesota)
The Influence of Researcher Characteristics on Self-reported and Observed Policy Engagement: The Mediating Role of Self-efficacy and Policy Concern

Vanessa Volpe (North Carolina State University)
Processes Linking Exposure to Intersectional Racism and Sexism with Emotional Eating for Black Young Adult Women

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