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Congratulations to SPSSI's Fall 2021 Researchers in the Global South Grants Recipients:

Diego Castro (University College London)
The silent burden of discrimination: understanding processes leading to the internalization of stigma among diverse populations in Chile

Francis Simonh Bries (University of the Philippines, Diliman)
Digital Democracy or Disengagement? Investigating the Structure and Predictors of Online Political Participation in the Philippines

Canan Coşkan (Bielefeld University) 
Understanding community reflections on and daily life implications of “Kurdish power” through participatory research

Hansika Kapoor (Monk Prayogshala)
Do you trust the rumors? Examining the determinants of believing misinformation related to COVID-19 vaccination

Francis Simonh Bries

    Francis Simonh Bries is an Instructor and PhD student at the Department of Psychology, University of the Philippines Diliman. He was a fellow of the International Society of Political Psychology Academy in 2021. He has been involved in research projects focused on experimental deception and replication, indigenous conceptions of motivation, expenditure assessments for HIV/AIDS programs, and the influence of media usage on political attitudes and behavior. His research interests include cyberpsychology, digital politics and democracy, and political participation. Aligned with these interests, his dissertation investigates how various psychological and political factors can motivate political participation through online platforms, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Philippines’ status as the “social media capital of the world”, and its ongoing preparations for its national and local elections in 2022.


Diego Castro


Diego Castro is a social psychologist from Santiago, Chile. He is a PhD student at the Social Research Institute, University College London. His research interests are around prejudice, discrimination, and violence against stigmatized groups. His doctoral research project aims to understand the psychosocial mechanisms by which stigmatized people internalize prejudice and self-devaluing beliefs. He has a master's degree in gender studies, with a specialization in social sciences. Diego has worked in social and political psychology research, including projects about sexual violence, intergroup relationships, and participation in social movements. He is also interested in the development of innovative methodologies for social research and science divulgation.


Canan Coşkan

    Dr. Canan Coşkan is an independent researcher with scientific affiliation to IKG in Bielefeld University. They completed their PhD at the Center for Social and Cultural Psychology in University of Leuven. After working as an assistant professor a few years in the neoliberal university in Turkey, they rejected to work within that system. They search collective ways for conducting independent scientific research in the lands they were born, together with communities to which they feel they belong. They conduct research on social processes of collective action, intergroup relations and immigration at the intersections of social, cultural and political psychologies. They rely on a critical lens combining anarchist, decolonial and queer feminist perspectives. Their recent research focused on academic collective action and academic collectives in Turkey (Coşkan, Acar, & Bayad, 2021; Acar & Coşkan, 2020) and understandings of Kurdish power (Coşkan & Şen, 2021). They also translate non-fiction books and articles from English and French to make her living.


Hansika Kapoor

    Dr. Hansika Kapoor is a Research Author at the Department of Psychology, Monk Prayogshala. She holds a PhD from IIT, Bombay in the area of dark creativity aka how people get good ideas to do bad things.  She is the recipient of the Fulbright-Nehru Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship (2019-2020) and is an Affiliate at the University of Connecticut. Dr. Kapoor has been cited as a subject matter expert in numerous features on social and cognitive psychology in the Indian context. She is a published author, practising psychologist, and visiting/adjunct faculty at several liberal arts colleges in India. Her research interests lie in creativity, behavioral science, and social and personality psychology. 


2021 Spring Recipients

Fahima Mohideen (Rutgers University)
Motivations for Social Action in India

Jeongeun Park (University of Bristol)
Duygu Cavdar (Ministry of Education, Turkey)
Paola Ramírez G. (University of Talca, Chile)
Human Agency and Psychological Well-being in an Emerging Immigrant Destination: Venezuelan Young People in Chile

2020 Recipients

Akanksha Adya
Feeding on Individual Accountability: Narrating Motherhood in Neoliberal India

Monisha Dhingra, Jennifer Sheehy Skeffinton, and Sujoy Chakra
Does Poverty Know no Caste? Unpacking the Relationship between Caste and Poverty in India

Aleksandra Lazić
The opportunities and the pitfalls of communicating country-level vaccination rates: Experimentally testing the selfish-rationality vs. the social-rationality hypothesis in a sample of Serbian participants

Sheri Levy
Luisa Fernanda Ramírez

How Aging Stereotypes, Aging Anxiety, and Social Support impact the Mental and Physical Health of Middle Age and Older Colombians during the COVID19 Pandemic

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