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Congratulations to our 2023 Small-Scale Events Advancing SPSSI (SEAS) Grant recipients:

Jill Greenlee (Brandeis University)
Maricruz Osorio (Bentley University)
Zoe Oxley (Union College)
For the event, Gender and Political Psychology Research Conference

Tim Müller (Berlin Institute for Integration and Migration Research)
For the event, Promoting positive social outcomes in diverse contexts: The potential of social psychological & behavioral approaches and interventions

Helena Radke (James Cook University)
Maja Kutlaca (Durham University)
Özden Ulu? (University of Sussex)
For the event, Understanding the Multifaceted and Applied Nature of Collective Action Research

2022 Small-Scale Events Advancing SPSSI (SEAS) Grant recipients:

Sari van Anders (Queen’s University)
Tushabe Wa Tushabe (Widener University)
For the event, 2nd Summer Session in Gender/Sex/uality In/Justice

Salena Brody (The University of Texas at Dallas)
Pamela Rollins (The University of Texas at Dallas)
For the event, Supporting Outstanding Academic Research (SOAR) mini-conference

Chinchu C. (Association for Social Change, Evolution, and Transformation, Cochin University of Science and Technology)
For the event,
Translational Psychology: Communicating Scientific Knowledge to The People

2021 Small-Scale Events Advancing SPSSI (SEAS) Grant recipients:

for the event entitled:

Mini-Conference for Undocumented Students and Scholars in Psychology

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