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Linda Silka


From Our President

Linda Silka, Senior Fellow, Senator George J. Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions; Professor Emerita, School of Economics, University of Maine

During these difficult times, it has been a great pleasure to begin holding zoom meetings with SPSSI members and their colleagues and students. What do I mean by this? As president, I have been contacting various SPSSI members and sharing with them that I would love to meet virtually with people from their campus, community, or workplace. The purpose of these meetings is to learn more about what problems and issues SPSSI members and their colleagues and students are working on and see as vitally important to address. These sessions have been great. People tell me exciting stories about issues they are addressing in their classes and through research and action. People share how they have become involved in certain issues. People share work they are doing in their communities or in schools or other locations. I have been hearing about policies people see as needing to be in place and research that they are doing to help develop a basis for policies. People share the problems they see as most urgent and their hopes for doing work that will make a difference. We talk about ways that SPSSI might be helpful to their efforts. SPSSI members and their students are vitally important to the future.

I would be very excited to hear from you. Would you like to help me set a meeting with you, your students, colleagues, and co-workers? Let’s do it. Please contact me through email ( and we can consider what would work for you and your colleagues and your students.

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