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Dolores Albarracín


Dolores Albarracín is an Argentine-American social psychologist who studies social cognition, communication, and behavioral change. She is a fellow of the Society for Social and Personality Psychology, American Psychological Association (Divisions 8, 9, and 38), the Association for Psychological Science, and the Society for Experimental Social Psychology, as well as the 2022 Harold Lasswell Fellow of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. Her research (~ 200 publications) has been recognized with an award for Outstanding Mid-Career Contributions to the Psychology of Attitudes and Social Influence from the Society of Social and Personality Psychology in 2018 and the Diener Award to Outstanding Mid-Career Contributions to Social Psychology from the same society in 2020. She has published six books, with include three volumes of the Handbook of Attitudes and two authored monographs: Action and Inaction in a Social World: Predicting and Changing Attitudes and Behaviors (2021) and Creating Conspiracy Beliefs: How Our Thoughts are Shaped (D. Albarracin, J. Albarracin, M-P.S. Chan, & K.H. Jamieson, 2022), both published by Cambridge University Press. She received the 2019 Avant Garde Award from the National Institutes of Health and $36 million of federal funding for her research on behavioral change in the area of health. She was Editor-in-chief of Psychological Bulletin from 2014 to 2020, and is President-Elect of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology for 2023.