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SPSSI GSC Call for Nominations: 2022-2023 Term

Candidacy Materials Due:  Friday, August 12, 2022 Extended until September 6.

SPSSI Graduate Student Committee (GSC) will be holding elections for the 2022-2023 term. All positions are open, with the exception of the Chair position. The online election itself will take place starting from September 7th to 13th. SPSSI members are eligible to vote for candidates. Candidates may run for 2 open positions but must indicate their first and second preference in case they win both positions. They will appear on the ballot for both positions.

Open Positions

Eligibility & Rules

GSC Election Timeline

Candidacy materials deadline: By Friday, August 12th all candidates must submit their vision statement (500 words max) and optional video (3 minutes max) outlining their suitability for the role(s) and goals if elected. If you are running for more than one position, you must submit materials for each role. Please email GSC Chair Isabelle Clough and Justin Belsley and include the subject line "2022 GSC Election Materials Submission".