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From our Editor

Sarah Herrmann, Assistant Professor,
Weber State University   

While editing the articles for this issue, I was taken back to Puerto Rico, where we came together for the annual SPSSI conference in June. However, reading the reflections from our SPSSI leaders and conference presenters did not immediately make me think of beautiful beaches, delicious food, and a regrettable sunburn. Rather, I recalled the palpable sense of community and action that always characterizes SPSSI conferences, and which felt even more powerful after two years apart.  

In this issue, we reflect back on the summer months and the excellent work presented at our annual conference, ongoing policy initiatives by our director and fellows, and the continuing efforts of our committees. Specifically, we hear from our outgoing and incoming SPSSI presidents. Additionally, we highlight research from several presenters from our summer conference, investigating issues that span SPSSI’s emphases in prejudice, education, policy and law, and environmental issues. We also specifically highlight conference presenters who focus on research in and about Puerto Rico. 

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From Our President:
The SPSSI Conference—Building on All That Took Place

Linda Silka, Senior Fellow, Senator George J. Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions; Professor Emerita, School of Economics

I hope that all of you have had a rewarding summer. The SPSSI conference in San Juan was wonderful. What an exciting location for our conference. Such excellent presentations and events. For those of you whose busy schedules did not allow you to attend, I would love to share some of what took place and what we learned. 

Imagine a conference with participants from Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Colombia, Egypt, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Islamic Republic of Israel, Jamaica, Korea, Republic of Myanmar, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Russian Federation, South Africa, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States. Imagine a conference with nearly every type of presentation. Some of the events even involved dancing in the outdoors around the pool and near the ocean. Can you imagine! Think of your teachers, think of your students dancing to enthralling bomba music with a background of singing coqui frogs. 

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From Our Incoming President:
The SPSSI Community as a Source of Pride

Abigail Stewart, Incoming President, University of Michigan

Although I was a little anxious about attending our annual conference this summer, for the first time in person since the pandemic started. I was also excited to encounter the SPSSI community that has sustained me over a very long career, and to learn about Puerto Rico. In fact, all of that happened, and reminded me of the very best of what SPSSI means to me.  

At the policy preconference, I learned how ignorant I had been of Puerto Rican history and contemporary issues, and throughout the rest of the conference I learned even more! I also had a chance to hear and talk with our colleagues in Puerto Rico, who are working so hard, in difficult conditions, to make a difference in their country. It was sobering, but also inspiring.

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Summer 2022

In This Edition

Editor’s Column
From the Editor

From the Leadership

President's Column
From Our President:
The SPSSI Conference: Building on All That Took Place

Incoming President's Column
The SPSSI Community as a Source of Pride

Committee Reports
Data Disaggregation: A Critical Tool for Measuring Success in Eliminating Systemic Racism and Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Marshall Fellow Report
Reflections from the 2021-22 James Marshall Policy Fellow: Policy careers for social psychologists in the United States

Summer Conference
Intersectional and Anti-Racist Pedagogy: The Soul’s Work

Deep Values Canvassing and Abortion Stigma:
Can Attitudes Actually Change?

Colonial Mentality and System Justification:
The Puerto Rican Status Dilemma

From Colonial Mentality to Critical Thinking

Legal Perceptions of Gender Identity
and Sexual Orientation-Based Hate Crime

Highlighting GSC Essay Contest Award Winners
Addressing The Legacy of White Supremacy and Western Dominance in Psychology

Finding Alternatives for Western Imperialism in Higher Education: Unlocking “the door to a far larger view of the world than White America has ever known”

Re-envisioning the History of Psychology
Mitig’s WigWam of Spiritual Needs: A Critical Reimagining of the Life and Works of Abraham Maslow

Calling in Whiteness: A Call for Designing and Supporting Anti-Oppressive Scholarship through Epistemic Pluralism

In Memorium
Celebrating the Scholarship, Leadership, and Life of
Dr. Herbert C. Kelman


Forward edited
by Sarah Herrmann