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Sarah Herrmann


From our Editor

Sarah Herrmann, Assistant Professor, Weber State University

While editing the articles for this issue, I was taken back to Puerto Rico, where we came together for the annual SPSSI conference in June. However, reading the reflections from our SPSSI leaders and conference presenters did not immediately make me think of beautiful beaches, delicious food, and a regrettable sunburn. Rather, I recalled the palpable sense of community and action that always characterizes SPSSI conferences, and which felt even more powerful after two years apart.  

In this issue, we reflect back on the summer months and the excellent work presented at our annual conference, ongoing policy initiatives by our director and fellows, and the continuing efforts of our committees. Specifically, we hear from our outgoing and incoming SPSSI presidents. Additionally, we highlight research from several presenters from our summer conference, investigating issues that span SPSSI’s emphases in prejudice, education, policy and law, and environmental issues. We also specifically highlight conference presenters who focus on research in and about Puerto Rico.   

In addition to reflections and research from the summer conference, the present issue includes articles from Aarti Iyer, the 2021-2022 James Marshall Policy Fellow and a summary by Yasmin Hussein of a recent High-Level Political Forum hosted by SPSSI’s UN/NGO team. Additionally, we feature the winners of the 2022 Graduate Student Committee Essay Contest: Addressing The Legacy of White Supremacy and Western Dominance in Psychology. 

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