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From Our Editor

Sarah Herrmann, Assistant Professor,
Weber State University   

In a recent meeting of the SPSSI diversity committee, as each member introduced themselves, we discussed how long we had been involved with SPSSI. This got me thinking about the first SPSSI conference I attended and the sense that so many of us share of having found “our people” at SPSSI. At that time, I was in graduate school, and among the only students in my program focused on applied research, so it was revelatory to meet so many people who shared my priorities. As I proceeded through grad school and into a position at a teaching-focused university, I was thrilled to find another community within SPSSI, those devoted to teaching and mentoring. In the winter edition of The Forward, we celebrate this community within SPSSI, highlighting award winners in teaching and mentoring.

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From Our President:
Strengthening SPSSI’s Ties and Enhancing our Impact through Collaboration

Abigail J. Stewart, President of SPSSI and Distinguished University Professor Emerita of Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Michigan 

Last summer SPSSI sought out a wonderful group of collaborators from other divisions in response to a funding opportunity from APA’s Committee on APA/Division Relations (CODAPAR). We applied for, and received, a grant to support the development of webinars and teaching-related toolkits focused on “Fostering Policy-Related Psychological Research.” The grant will support a series of five webinars planned and presented by SPSSI members and collaborators from Divisions 8 (Personality and Social Psychology), 27 (Community Research and Action), 35 (Psychology of Women), 44 (Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity) and 45 (Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity and Race). Representatives from all 6 divisions met during the summer to plan the proposal, and have begun meeting again to plan the webinars.

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Winter 2023

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Strengthening SPSSI’s Ties
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