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Representative Brianna Titone was elected in 2018 to represent House District 27 and is currently serving her
third term in office. She proudly serves as the Vice Chair of the Joint Technology Committee, and as a
member of the House Health & Insurance, and Agriculture, Water, & Natural Resources committees. She
was elected as Co-Chair of the House Majority Caucus and Chair of the Colorado Democratic LGBTQ+
Caucus. She is the first openly transgender legislator in the Colorado General Assembly and the first
transgender person in the nation elected to a peer-elected leadership position.

Representative Titone has tapped into her extensive academic background in geochemistry, physics,
math, and software development to successfully legislate an agenda committed to safety, health,
prosperity and equity in Colorado.

Representative Titone utilizes her background in STEM, software development, and consulting to
successfully develop and stakehold complex and meaningful policies for Colorado. This session, she was
a prime sponsor of SB23-188 Protections for accessing reproductive health care to protect and advance
reproductive healthcare in Colorado as well as the first Agricultural Right to Repair bill in the nation. She
seeks to be an exemplary Representative for her constituents or any others who seek a symbolic person
to represent them.