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From Our Editor

Sarah Herrmann, Associate Professor,
Weber State University   

This column is bittersweet for me as my last issue as editor of The Forward, concluding my three-year term before I hand the reins to the next editor. It has been a pleasure to have a front seat to the phenomenal work being done by SPSSI’s leadership, committees, members, conference presenters, and award winners. As a faculty member at a teaching-focused university, I take special pride in the increasing efforts of this newsletter to highlight teaching and mentoring award winners and to hear about their strategies for infusing social justice into our curriculum. I know that I will be a reader going forward and I look forward to continued involvement in the organization in different capacities.

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From Our President:

Patrick R. Grzanka, SPSSI President, Divisional Dean of Social Sciences and Professor of Psychology, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Even though it’s still dangerously hot across much of the U.S. and the world, fall is upon us in the Global North and brings with it the excitement and promise of a new year for those of us in academic settings.

This past summer was a season full of dramatic social and political news, including the unstoppable phenomenon of “Barbenheimer”; massive, organized labor strikes; and the fourth criminal indictment of former President Donald J. Trump. The judicial and legislative landscape was dizzying, as well, with many courts blocking enforcement of various anti-trans laws only to see some key decisions reversed. Abortion rights are in constant flux, as most notably evidenced by the recent decision in South Carolina and the ballot referendum initiative in Ohio. The horrific fires in Maui and suffocating heatwaves globally signaled a potentially new phase in the planet’s reckoning with global climate change. And mass shootings and violence continue to affect far too many people, especially in the U.S. Indeed, as I write this, the nation is grieving over yet another weekend of mass violence from coast to coast, including a racially motivated mass shooting that killed three Black people in Jacksonville, Florida.

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From Our Immediate Past President: The Heart and Soul of SPSSI

Abigail J. Stewart, Immediate Past President of SPSSI and Distinguished University Professor Emerita of Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Michigan 

As this busy year as SPSSI President came to an end, it was mostly satisfying, and a little sobering, to reflect on the past year. As usual, the annual conference—this time in Denver—was a high point for learning about the important work SPSSI members are doing, for seeing old friends and meeting new people, and for spending time together talking about the issues that preoccupy us most. Other high points for me were working with many talented, dedicated, committed people—SPSSI staff, other elected leaders, and many members—on projects to decide on the publisher and editors of our journals, to support our committees in doing their work, and to make SPSSI a more inclusive and welcoming organization for everyone. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity.

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Summer 2023

In This Edition

Editor’s Column

From the Editor

From the Leadership

SPSSI’s Guiding Vision
in a Moment of Change:
Patrick Grzanka

The Heart and Soul
Abigail Stewart

Policy Updates

Policy Work at Nonprofits
and Not-for-Profits:
Sarah Mancoll

People Only Listen
In Certain Years
The cyclical nature
of legislation:
Lindsey Yessick

2023 SPSSI Conference

Characterizing Accounts
of Structural Stigma
toward Opioid Use
on Reddit:
Evan Eschliman,
Karen Choe,
Alexandra DeLucia,
& Michelle R. Kaufman

Anti-Muslim Policy
as a Cue
for Individual Implicit
Anti-Muslim Bias:
Aeleah M. Granger
& Kimberly Barsamian Kahn

Interracial contact
shapes perceptions
of social injustice
during arrests of
Black and White civilians

by White police officers:
Jennifer Kubota

How are we talking
about disability

and what needs to change?
Michelle R. Nario-Redmond

Whiteness and the Denial
of Systemic Racism:
Syed Muhammad Omar
& Glenn Adams

Gender, Sexism,
and Abortion:
Danny Osborne

Parents of Children
with Higher Weights
are Blamed
and Stigmatized:
Devanshi Patel
& Jaimie Arona Krems

Where are the social class
conversations at SPSSI:
Ryan Pickering
& Darren Bernal

Committee Updates

From the Editor of the
Contemporary Social Issues
Book Series:
Brian Christens

Inside SPSSI’s Grants-In-Aid
Selection Committee:
Tessa Dover

SPSSI Report
from APA Council Representatives September 2023:
Janice Adelman
& Sonji Jones-Manson

SPSSI UN Update: David Livert

Forward edited
by Sarah Herrmann

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