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SPSSI’s Year In Review: 2023

Rachel Quintas, SPSSI UN Representative, College of Mount Saint Vincent

Entering 2024, we are proud to look back at SPSSI’s work over 2023. This year has been marked by many new developments and accomplishments, alongside our steadfast commitment to promoting public awareness and engagement on important social issues.

Global Advocacy and UN Engagements:

  • SPSSI participated in the first Global Advocacy Month, advocating to UN missions including Hungary, Ireland, Nepal, and the Philippines for their support of the General Assembly Resolution on Mental Health and Wellbeing.
  • During the 2023 High Level Political Forum, our subcommittees made substantial contributions, including the Anti-Racism subcommittee’s side event on Data Disaggregation Practices, and the Climate Justice subcommittee’s statement addressing the combined impact of COVID-19 and climate change.

Events, Education Initiatives, and Workshops:

Acknowledging Excellence:

  • We proudly congratulate our 2023 Award Winners, whose outstanding contributions can be found here.

Policy Initiatives:

Finally, and notably, SPSSI issued policy statements on crucial, diverse issues, including:

This year, we have been able to navigate the complex landscape of these crucial social issues and be part of driving positive change through research, advocacy, and collaboration. We look forward to continuing to work together towards a more just and equitable world in 2024.

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