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Harold Takooshian






SPSSI-New York Regional Group

Harold Takooshian, Professor of Psychology and Urban Studies,
Fordham University

Since the SPSSI New York regional group (SPSSI-NY) was launched back on July 11, 1984, it has continuously hosted at least 10-20 diverse activities each year for its 400 members in the greater New York region. Some of these are described online at

In fall of 2023, SPSSI-NY hosted 15 diverse activities, featuring a total of 44 experts on a variety of topics, relating psychological science to law, education, and global issues. For example, on September 15, students joined a law-psychology tour of Bronx Criminal Court. On October 23, a forensic psychology panel headed by attorney Jeffrey Deskovic addressed the question “How can we reduce wrongful convictions?” A 53-minute video is online:

On October 31, a symposium on “Stanley Milgram at 90: What is his legacy?” featured 10 experts—both researchers and alumni of the late Professor Milgram (1933-1984). A 110-minute video is online: On November 1, over 50 professionals and students joined a book-signing and forum on “International psychology at the United Nations,” including SPSSI and other reps at the UN—Drs. Roseann B. Flores, Ani Kalayjian, and Elaine H. Olaoye. A 110-minute video is online:

On November 4, Professor Laura Egan chaired the 32nd Greater New York Conference on Behavioral Research at the bold new campus of Saint Francis College in Brooklyn NY, where over 40 students and colleagues shared their research presentations. On December 8, five law and psychology experts offered a powerful forum on “Can NYS courts reduce filicide?” A 110-minute video is online:

For 2024, the SPSSI-NY continues to cooperate with the SPSSI team at the United Nations. SPSSI-NY welcomes suggestions and hosts for its activities in 2024. Contact Harold at  For details on SPSSI at the UN, contact David at

On 11/1/2023, over 50 people joined the SPSSI-NY book-signing and forum at Fordham University on “International Psychology at the United Nations.” 

On 11/4/2023, over 60 psychology researchers participated in the 32nd Greater New York Conference on Behavioral Research, hosted by Professor Laura Egan and St. Francis College in Brooklyn NY.

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