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The new 8th edition of SPSSI's popular text, Research Methods in Social Relations is now available for adoption. Contact Wiley-Blackwell for an examination copy.

SPSSI's book series includes both authored and edited books. Contact our books editor, Dr. Brian Christens, with suggestions and inquiries.

Contemporary Social Issues
Authored books in the series are grounded in the author's program of research and focus on psychological research in areas relevant to social issues facing individuals, groups, communities, and/or society at large. Each volume is written to speak to scholars, students, practitioners, and policy-makers. Click here for a listing of titles in SPSSI's Contemporary Social Issues and Intervention Series. 

Social Issues and Interventions
The goal of our edited books is to help fill the gap between basic research on social issues and translation into social policy and program interventions. Each edited volume in the series is devoted to a specific social issue-relevant theme, covering related theory, research, and application.

Other SPSSI Books: Below is a list of current books sponsored by SPSSI and listed by title.  Where possible, a direct link to the publisher's website has been provided for your convenience.  Please refer to the publisher's website for availability, how to order and cost.

A full list of SPSSI-sponsored books (including out-of-print titles) can be found on our history pages and can be viewed either by author name or by date published.

The Psychological Wealth of Nations: Do Happy People Make a Happy Society? (2012)
Sigehiro Oishi
ISBN: 9781405192118 (Hardcover)
9781405192101 (Softcover) • 248 pages

The Psychology of Social and Cultural Diversity (2010)
Edited by Richard J. Crisp
Blackwell Publishing
ISBN:978-1-4051-9562-1 (Hardcover) • 370 pages 

The Psychology of Prosocial Behavior: Group Processes, Intergroup Relations, and Helping (2009)
Edited by Stefan Stürmer and Mark Snyder
ISBN: 978-1-4051-7880-8 (PB) • 464 pages

Multiculturalism and Diversity: A Social Psychological Perspective (2009)
Bernice Lott
ISBN: 978-1-4051-9065-7 (PB) • 192 pages

Improving Intergroup Relations: Building on the Legacy of Thomas F. Pettigrew (2008)
Ulrich Wagner, Linda R. Tropp, Gillian Finchilescu, and Colin Tredoux, Eds.
Blackwell Publishing
ISBN: 9781405169714

Explaining the Breakdown of Ethnic Relations (2008)
Victoria Esses and Richard A Vernon, Eds.
Blackwell Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4051-7059-8

Applied Social Psychology (2nd Ed.)(1998)
Stuart Oskamp & P. Wesley Schultz
Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0-13-533837-9

The Compleat Academic : A Career Guide (2nd Ed.)(2003)
John M. Darley, PhD; Mark P. Zanna, PhD; and Henry L. Roediger, III, PhD
American Psychological Association (APA)
ISBN: 1-59147-035-8

Conflict, Cooperation, and Justice: Essays Inspired by the Work of Morton Deutsch (1995)
Barbara Benedict Bunker, Jeffrey Z. Rubin, & Associates
ISBN: 0-7879-0069-9

Disruptive Voices: The Possibilities of Feminist Research (1992)
Michelle Fine
University of Michigan Press
ISBN: 0-472-06465-7

Eliminating Racism: Profiles in Controversy (1988)
Phyllis A. Katz & Dalmas A. Taylor, Eds.
Kluwer Publishing
ISBN: 0-306-42631-5

Handbook of Bereavement: Theory, Research, and Intervention (1993)
Margaret S. Stroebe, Wolfgang Stroebe, & Robert O. Hansson, Eds.
Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521448530

Health Issues for Minority Adolescents (1996)
Marjorie Kagawa-Singer, Phyllis A. Katz, Dalmas A. Taylor, & Judith H. M. Vanderryn, Eds.
University of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 0-8032-2732-9

Homosexuality: Research Implications for Public Policy (1991)
John C. Gonsiorek & James D. Weinrich, Eds.
Sage Publications
ISBN: 0-8039-3764-4

Justice, Gender, and Affirmative Action (1992)
Susan D. Clayton & Faye J. Crosby
University of Michigan Press
ISBN: 0-472-06464-9

Leadership and Negotiation in the Middle East (1988)
Barbara Kellerman & Jeffrey Z. Rubin, Eds.
Praeger Publishers 
ISBN: 0-275-92489-0309

Measures of Personality and Social Psychological Attitudes (1991)
John P. Robinson, Phillip R. Shaver, & Lawrence S. Wrightsman, Eds.
Academic Press
ISBN: 0125902441

Mediation in International Relations (1992; reprinted 1994)
Jacob Bercovitch & Jeffrey Z. Rubin
Macmillan (London) / St. Martin Press (New York)
ISBN: 1-87837-928-3

Men in Dual-Career Families: Current Realities and Future Prospects (1985)
Lucia Albino Gilbert
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.
ISBN: 0-89859-560-6

On the Nature of Prejudice: 50 Years After Allport
Eds: John F. Dovidio, Peter Glick, and Laurie A. Rudman
Blackwell Publishing
ISBN: 9781405127516

Representations: Social Constructions of Gender (1989)
Ed.: Rhoda K. Unger
Baywood Publishing Company, Inc.
ISBN: 0-89503-057-8

Research Methods in Social Relations (7th Edition) (2002)
Rick H. Hoyle, Monica J. Harris & Charles M. Judd
Wadsworth Publishing
ISBN: 0-15-506139-9

Social Psychological Applications to Social Issues Series:

Volume 5: The Social Psychology of Politics (2002)
Victor C. Ottati, R. Scott Tindale, John Edwards, Fred B. Bryant, Linda Heath, Daniel C. O'Connell, Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar, Emil J. Posavac
ISBN 0-306-46723-2

Volume 4: Theory and Research on Small Groups (2002)
R. Scott Tindale, Linda Heath, John Edwards, Emil J. Posavac, Fred B. Bryant, Judith Myers, Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar, Eaaron Henderson-Kinge
ISBN 0-306-47144-2

Volume 3: Applications of Heuristics and Biases to Social Issues (1994)
Linda Heath, R. Scott Tindale, John Edwards, Emil J. Posavac, Fred B. Bryant, Eaaron Henderson-King, Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar, & Judith Myers, Eds.
ISBN 0-306-44750-9

Volume 2: Methodological Issues in Applied Social Psychology (1992)
Fred B. Bryant, John Edwards, R. Scott Tindale, Emil J. Posavac, Linda Heath, Eaaron Henderson, and Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar, Eds.
ISBN 0-306-44173-X

Volume 1: Social Influence Processes and Prevention (1990)
John Edwards, R. Scott Tindale, Linda Heath, Emil J. Posavac
ISBN 0-306-43293-5

Social Psychology (1991)
Reuben M. Baron & William G. Graziano
Holt, Rinehart & Winston

Women with Disabilities: Essays in Psychology, Culture, and Politics (1988)
Michelle Fine & Adrienne Asch, Eds.
Temple University Press
ISBN: 0-87722-669-5

Women's Worlds: From the New Scholarship (1985)
Marily Safir, Martha T. Mednick, Dafne Israeli, & Jessie Bernard, Eds.
Praeger Publishers
ISBN: 0-275-90158-0336