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Number 234
Winter 2008                                                                   Printer friendly page

President's Column:

Whence and Whither SPSSI: Your Input Wanted!
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by Daniel Perlman, SPSSI President

Editor’s Column:

The Forward’s International Focus
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by Richard Wiener, Forward Editor


Regular Columns and Reports:

Update on the Journal of Social Issues
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by Rick H. Hoyle, Editor, 2006-2009


Update on Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy
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by Geoffrey Maruyama, Editor, 2006-2009


Report from the SPSSI Publications Committee
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by Janet Swim and Dick Moreland, Co-chairs

Report from the Central Office: Updating SPSSI’s Online Image
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by Susan Dudley, SPSSI Executive Director


Washington Update
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by Carrie Langner, SPSSI James Marshall Scholar, 2007-2008


Report from SPSSI's New York Regional Group
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by Harold Takoosian


SPSSI In The International Arena:

Upcoming Conferences And Social Issues Around The World
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by Colette van Laar, Leiden University, the Netherlands; Chair SPSSI-EAESP Conferences Committee

Advocacy for the Intergroup Contact: Science serves Public Policy Debate in the UK
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by Miles Hewstone (Oxford University)

United Nations: Global Ageing in the 21st Century
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by Pete Walker, SPSSI UN/NGO Representative

Campus Peace Center Project Launched at the United Nations
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by Neil Altman, SPSSI UN/NGO Representative 

SPSSI's 2007 Social Issues Disertation Prize Honors International Awardees
1) Social Identity Threat & Performance Motivation: The Interplay between Ingroup and Outgroup Domains
by Belle Derks, first place winner
2) Social-Psychological Paths to Protest: An Integrative Perspective
by Martijn van Zomeren, second place winner
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Conference News:

SPSSI’s 7th Biennial Convention - June 27-29, 2008; Roosevelt University; Chicago
"Disparities across the Globe: Place, Race, Class, Ethnicity, & Gender"
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by Ram Mahalingam and Kim Case

SPSSI Programming at APA 2008
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by Ray Paloutzian, SPSSI's 2008 APA Program Chair

Call for papers from the Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP)
58th Annual Meeting, July 31-August 2, 2008, Boston 
"Crossing Borders: Activist Scholarship, Globalization, and Social Justice"

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EAESP-SPSSI Small Group Meeting
August 28 – 30, 2008, Marburg, Germany
“Intergroup Contact: Recent Advancements in Basic and Applied Research”
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Other News:

Obituary: Joseph Veroff (1929-2007)
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Call for Nominations: SPSSI Awards for Outstanding Teaching and Mentoring

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