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Report from SPSSI's Publication Committee

by Janet Swim and Dick Moreland, Committee Co-chairs

Be sure to look at the publication page of SPSSI’s new web site.  On this page, you will find descriptions of and links to information about our new publications.  These are Social Issues and Policy Review (SIPR), our new policy journal, and two new book series; one is a series of edited volumes on Social Issues and Interventions and the other a series of single-author books on Contemporary Social Issues. You will also find descriptions of and links to information about our other, relatively new on-line journal, Analysis of Social Issues and Public Policy (ASAP), as well as the Journal of Social Issues (JSI), our foundation journal.  On these web pages, you can find links that describe past, present, and future issues of the journals and books and helpful links for those interested in submitting journal articles and writing or editing books.

This will be an exciting year for our new publications.  The first issue of SIPR is now out with informative articles, such as those on the effects of media violence, Black-White health disparities, and social psychological factors in lifestyle change.  The second issue will be out in June.  SIPR will be a yearly publication; however, we are pushing the publication data up this year and perhaps again next year in order to have the journal come out at the beginning rather than the end of the year.  The articles in these issues can be found on the SPSSI Web cite, as well as on Blackwell’s web page.

Our new books are also proceeding well.  The first two books in our edited book series are well underway.  One will be on “Explaining the Breakdown of Ethnic Relations" edited by Vickie Esses and Richard Vernon and the other will be on "Improving Intergroup Relations: Building on the Legacy of Thomas F. Pettigrew," edited by Uli Wagner, Linda Tropp, Gillian Finchelescu, and Colin Tedoux.  There are also prospects for potential authors for our other book series, which are single authored books.  

ASAP and JSI will continue to provide timely articles on issues of importance to society.   For instance, upcoming ASAP articles include “Immigrants in the Community: New Opportunities, New Struggles”, by Linda Sitka, and “The Use of Research in the Seattle and Jefferson County Desegregation Cases:  Connecting Social Science and the Law”, by Linda R. Tropp, Amy E. Smith, and Faye J. Crosby; and the ASAP year includes a a series of papers on the roles of psychologists in interrogations. Upcoming issues in JSI include one on “Unexpected Pathways through Education”, by Stephen C. Peck, Leon Feinstein, & Jacquelynne S. Eccles and “Ethnic Prejudice and Discrimination in Europe” by Andreas Zick, Thomas F. Pettigrew, & Ulrich Wagner.  See Rick Hoyle’s article in this same issue for more information about upcoming issues.

Finally, the publication committee is in the process of searching for an editor to replace Rick Hoyle, whose term as editor of JSI ends this coming summer.  We hope to be able to announce our decision in the next issue of Forward.  In the upcoming year, we will also be searching for people to replace our current ASAP and SIPR editors.  Information about these searches will be sent out at a later date. 

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