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Report from the SPSSI-New York Regional Group

by Harold Takooshian

The SPSSI New York group concluded another active season of 5 activities in Fall 2007:

• September 7 (an international reception with psychologists at the U.N.),

• October 1 (a World Habitat Day forum),

• October 10-11 (the first Psychology Day at the U.N.),

• November 9 (the 19th Greater New York Conference on Behavioral Research, hosted by Prof. Lola Nouryan and Hofstra University), and

• November 30 (the 7th Holiday Healing Circle).  

For spring, 2008 in New York City, early plans are currently being finalized for six diverse activities:

1. On February 6, SPSSI President Dan Perlam speaks at CUNY at 3pm on “The dark side of relationships.” (Details:

2. February 29-March 1, the international conference on “The violence of everyday life,” organized by C. Edward Robins at Columbia University.  (Details:

3. March 27-28, Carol Bellamy (former Director of UNICEF) lectures on women at St. Francis College, followed by a reception for the 10th anniversary of the Institute for International and Cross-Cultural Psychology. (Details:

4. April 12, the 36th Hunter Psychology Conference, featuring a few SPSSI panels, including the History of Psychology in NYC, and the centenary of Anne Anastasi (1908-2001). 

5. May 10, the 16th Pace University Psychology Conference. (Details:

6. November 14, SPSSI’s 20th Greater NY Conference on Behavioral Research, at Fordham University.  (Details:  

For any specific details, or to propose a local activity, contact Harold Takooshian at  

Pictured above:  On November 9 at Hofstra University, student research award winners (l to r): Holly Seaman, Jun Li, Christine White, Kate Caputo.  (Missing: Christopher Osman). 
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