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New York SPSSI Activities Report, Fall 2008

by Harold Takooshian, SPSSI New York Committee Chair

In fall 2008, the SPSSI New York group slated another active season of nine activities for members and their guests, following on the heels of seven past SPSSI-NY activities in spring 2008.

  • September 8 - 120 people at a town hall and book-signing by activist Somaly Mam of Cambodia heard “Speak truth to power: One woman’s fight against human trafficking,” at Fordham Law School.
  • September 12 - A conference on “The interrogation and torture controversy: Crisis in psychology” was held at John Jay College.
  • September 18 - SPSSI United Nations representative Joseph DeMeyer welcomed folks to a three-hour conference and reception on “International psychology,” hosted by Fordham University and featuring 15 speakers in three workshops: the United Nations, Publishing International Work, and Involving Students in International Activities.
  • September 27 - Several historians in the SPSSI-NY effort to document “the history of psychology and social issues in New York” spoke at a conference marking the 75th anniversary of the Fordham University Psychology Department. They included John D. Hogan, Florence L. Denmark, Mark E. Mattson, Wade E. Pickren, Robert W. Rieber, Steve Salbod, and Harold Takooshian. 
  • October 6 - World Habitat Day 2008 featured two forums and a luncheon at the United Nations and Fordham University.  
  • November 14 - The 20th Greater NY Conference on Behavioral Research offers a full day of activities for student and faculty researchers at Fordham University, capped by a reception featuring many SPSSI leaders and others.
  • November 20 - The 2nd annual Psychology Day at the United Nations offers a full day of free activities for students and professionals featuring Herbert Kelman of Harvard. 
  • December 5 - The 8th pre-Holiday Healing Circle at Fordham features joyous interfaith activities just prior to the hectic holidays.

For students, a fall symposium on “Careers in Applied Psychology.”  

The SPSSI website now includes a page on the history and activities of SPSSI-NY, at . 

For spring 2009 in New York City, plans are currently being finalized for six diverse activities, including presentations at the 37th Hunter Psychology Convention in April and the 12th Pace Psychology Conference in May. Direct any questions or comments to SPSSI-NY Chairperson Harold Takooshian,


On September 8, at Fordham Law School, Cambodian activist Somaly Mam speaks against human trafficking. 








At a SPSSI-NY panel at Hunter College, Howard Everson of Fordham University (standing) spoke about the legendary career of psychologist “Anne Anastasi at 100,” marking the centenary of her birth in 1908.




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