The Society for the
Study of Social Issues


Number 237
Winter, 2009

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President's Column

What’s Happening at SPSSI: Projects, Transitions, and the Spirit of Participation

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by Susan Opotow, SPSSI President 2008-2009

Editors' Column

“hope is the pillar of the world.”

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By Naomi M. Hall and Jonathan Iuzzini, Forward Co-Editors

Secretary-Treasurer's Column
Winter/Spring Report 2009

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By Sally Shumaker, Secretary-Treasurer

Early Career Scholars' Column
Activities update

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By Michele Schlehofer, Salisbury University

Emerging Scholars' Column

Creative Maladjustment and the Psychology of Change We Can Believe In

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William M. Davis, Jr, APA/SAMHSA Predoctoral Fellow
Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Activities update

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Irene Frieze and Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton, Publications Committee Co-Chairs

ASAP update

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By Geoff Maruyama, ASAP Editor

JSI update

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By Sheri R. Levy, JSI Editor-Elect, 2010-2013

SIPR Update

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By Vicki Esses and Jack Dovidio, SIPR Co-Editors

Report from the SPSSI Central Office

SPSSI’s Membership Database: A Great (but not perfect) Asset

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By Susan Dudley, Executive Director

Public Policy Report

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By Christopher Woodside, Policy Coordinator

James Marshall Public Policy Report

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By Jutta Tobias, SPSSI James Marshall Public Policy Fellow

New Administrative Assistant Joins SPSSI Staff

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News and editorial

Teaching Social Issues: Pedagogical Challenges and Opportunities

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By Kim Case, Early Career Scholars Committee Chair

New York SPSSI Activities Report

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By Harold Takooshian, New York Committee Chair

UN and International Issues Committee: 2nd Psychology Day at the United Nations

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By Pete Walker, SPSSI UN Representative

APA Council Report: SPSSI/Division 9 Apportionment Votes Up on APA Council of Representatives
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By Allen M. Omoto, and Maureen O’Connor, SPSSI/Division 9 Representatives to APA Council of Representatives

Petition Resolution Leads to New APA Policy

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By Allen M. Omoto, SPSSI/Division 9 Representative to APA Council of Representatives

SPSSI is an International Organization

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By Michael Zarate, Internationalization Committee Chair

Call for Proposals
The Institute for the Study and Promotion of Race and Culture 2009 Diversity Challenge: Racial Identity and Cultural Factors in Treatment, Research and Policy
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Call for Nominations
Awards for Outstanding Teaching and Mentoring
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In Memoriam ; Bob Zajonc

By Richard Moreland
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In Memoriam ; Dan Bar-On

By Niza Yanay
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Research that produces nothing but books will not suffice.
                                                                                                                    - Kurt Lewin