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ASAP Report

By Geoff Maruyama, ASAP Editor

ASAP has now published its print issue for 2008. That issue included nine original articles, two of which were submissions for the follow-up special issue on Hurricanes Katrina and Rita experiences and impacts, plus a number of book reviews (Note: A couple book reviews were misplaced in the production process, so those will appear in the 2009 issue rather than 2008). Thanks again this year to Peggy Stockdale, who has served as Book Review Editor for the final three years of my term as Editor, and to Janet Ruscher and Laurie O’Brien, who were guest Editors reviewing the Katrina papers.

Articles in the 2008 issue include: a paper by Bert Raven on bases of power, including questions and answers about how the French and Raven model developed, the number of bases, etc.; a paper featured in our press release on children’s perceptions about race, gender, and the presidency (Bigler); a paper examining bases of the gender gap in support for a female presidential candidate (Simon & Hoyt); a multi-national paper on economic and social factors tied to child malnutrition (Gabriele & Schettino); diversity, inequality, and social trust in Canada (Phan); conservative Christians and discrimination on college campuses (Hyers & Hyders); and relations of types of patriotism with critical thinking, respect for civil liberties, and national security (Williams, Foster, & Krohn). The Katrina articles were on implications of a sociological embeddedness perspective on disaster planning (Iverson & Armstrong) and on aggression in New Orleans immediately after Katrina (Kemmelmeier, Broadus, & Padilla).

I believe that it was a very good year for ASAP, for the trend lines (submissions, acceptances) are both positive, and the overall quality of the submissions was up considerably, even if not reflected as strongly in the final number of articles accepted. Like most journals, however, ASAP always welcomes more strong submissions. In addition to the 2008 submissions summarized below, we currently have 24 new papers that are part of our 2009 submissions and that are being reviewed.

We received six articles for the Katrina II special issue, accepting 2, as well as 46 articles that went through the general review process, accepting seven for publication (a 15% acceptance rate). In addition to manuscripts reviewed, not included in the count are a number of other inquiries to the editor where the authors were advised that the article was not appropriate for ASAP. There are a number of strong papers in the pipeline for 2009, so I expect my final year as editor to yield the largest ASAP volume of my four years as editor.

Finally, I would like to congratulate Kevin Lanning as incoming Editor for ASAP, beginning in 2010. Kevin was Book Review Editor under Rhoda Unger’s editorial term, and has been an excellent and responsive reviewer, and part of my editorial board during my term. So I know that the journal will be in excellent hands when Kevin starts reviewing papers later this year.

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