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Social Issues and Policy Review
                                         By Vicki Esses & Jack Dovidio, SIPR Co-Editors

Social Issues and Policy Review (SIPR), which publishes theoretical and empirical reviews of topics of relevance to social issues and public policy, is currently in its third year of operation. The journal is faring very well. The second annual volume appeared in December 2008, with articles on volunteerism (Snyder & Omoto), the transition to parenthood (Simpson & Rholes), jury racial diversity (Sommers), the rights and responsibilities of gay and lesbian parents (Chamberlain, Miller, & Bornstein), promoting behavior that serves us all (Van Lange & Joireman), creating more effective multiethnic schools (Zirkel), and promoting reconciliation (Shnabel, Nadler, Canetti-Nisim, & Ullrich). We already have several exciting articles, such as one on psychological factors in terrorism and counterterrorism (Kruglanski & Fishman), slated to appear in the 2009 volume. All SPSSI members have online access to SIPR and can opt to receive a copy of SIPR annually as well.

We are receiving a breadth of articles for review, and the rate of submission is increasing. Nevertheless, we are always looking for new submissions. Our goal is to have each volume reflect the diversity of interests of the SPSSI membership and to identify emerging issues of both theoretical and practical interest. We thus want to maintain a steady stream of new submissions. Interested authors are encouraged to consult our model manuscript outline available at under Publications, or to contact one of us directly: Vicki Esses ( or Jack Dovidio (

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