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New York SPSSI Activities Report


By Harold Takooshian, New York Committee Chair

For fall 2008, the SPSSI New York group (SPSSI-NY) arranged 10 free gatherings, hosted by local schools – CUNY, Fordham, St. Francis – some in concert with other local activist groups.

September 8 : 120 participated in the Town Hall and book-signing by activist Somaly Mam of Cambodia, on “Speak truth to power: One woman’s fight against human trafficking,” hosted by Fordham Law School. Details:

September 12 : 100 participated in the all-day conference with 20 presenters, “The interrogation and torture controversy: Crisis in psychology,” hosted by John Jay College. Details:

September 18 : 130 visited the fifth annual mini-conference and reception on “International Psychology,” hosted by Fordham University, with 15 speakers in 3 workshops: (1) the United Nations, (2) publishing international work, (3) involving students in international activities. Details:

September 25 : 40 joined the Human Factors Workshop with Ronald G. Shapiro of IBM, hosted by Fordham University. Details:

September 27 : Several SPSSI-NY historians documenting “the history of psychology and social issues in New York” addressed a conference marking the 75th anniversary of the Fordham psychology department. Historians: John D. Hogan, Florence L. Denmark, Mark E. Mattson, Wade E. Pickren, Robert W. Rieber, Steve Salbod, Harold Takooshian. Details:

October 6 : 50 participated in the 2008 World Habitat Day 2008 hosted by the United Nations and Fordham. Details:

November 13 : 30 participated in the two workshops on Graduate Schools and Careers in Psychology, featuring 14 speakers, hosted by Fordham. Details:

November 14 : 110 participated in the 20th Greater NY Conference on Behavioral Research, capped by a reception saluting 13 distinguished guests, hosted by Fordham. Details:

November 19 : 150 participated in the 2nd annual Psychology Day at the United Nations, with 10 speakers, featuring keynote Herbert Kelman of Harvard. Details:

December 5 : 70 joined the 8th pre-Holiday Healing Circle, featuring joyous interfaith activities just prior to the hectic holidays, hosted by Fordham. Details:

SPSSI-NY 2009 plans include a forum on:

• The Kitty Genovese Tragedy: 45 Years Later / March 12

• 37th Hunter Psychology Convention / April 4

• 12th Pace Psychology Conference / May 9

• 21st Greater New York Conference on Behavioral Research /Nov 6 at St. Francis College.

SPSSI-NY now has a web page at

The SPSSI-NY Planning Committee for Fall 2008: Christina Bartel/Fordham, Elaine Congress/Fordham, Joseph DeMeyer/ SPSSI-UN, Florence Denmark/Pace, Julia Dobler/Fordham, Jason Greif/ Fordham, Uwe Gielen/St. Francis, Ani Kalayjian/Fordham, Mark Mattson/ Fordham, Susan Opotow/John Jay, Ronald Shapiro/IBM, Jason Young/ Hunter. Direct any questions or comments to SPSSI-NY Chairperson Harold Takooshian,


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