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Editor's Column

  “hope is the pillar of the world.”
                                              By Naomi M. Hall and Jonathan Iuzzini, Forward Co-Editors

As we cross the threshold into this new historical era in America, we have chosen “inclusiveness” and “hope” to be the themes of our first column.

We believe that one of SPSSI’s most significant qualities is that the organization and its members constantly strive to be inclusive in all that we do. As scholars, as teachers, and as citizens, our work to improve our communities is always informed by a hope that we can reach out to others and break exclusionary barriers. It is with this spirit that we have enthusiastically assumed co-editorship of the newsletter.

There is an African proverb (Kanuri) that says “hope is the pillar of the world.” What occurred recently during the United States Presidential primaries, and subsequent Presidential election was a beautiful fusion of advocacy and activism, and a symbol of inclusiveness and hope worldwide.

As we continue to provide information and comment on important social issues to our members, we want to introduce some new features to the newsletter. In this issue we introduce a new feature entitled Emerging Scholars. In each issue of the newsletter, this column will highlight the research, teaching, and/or editorial commentary of a junior scholar. We thank William M. Davis, Jr. for contributing the first of these; his column is entitled Creative Maladjustment and the Psychology Of Change We Can Believe In. As we mentioned in the Fall 2008 newsletter, another new feature will shine a spotlight on research conducted by faculty from underrepresented groups, as well as faculty at minority-serving institutions. We plan to introduce this feature in the Summer 2009 issue. One of the greatest achievements for a community, organization, and a nation is the ability to recognize and cultivate its people as valuable resources. Both of these new features will continue the trend to celebrate the diverse characteristics and interests of SPSSI members. We hope that you enjoy the newsletter. Please send us any comments or suggestions at

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