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Journal of Social Issues Report

By Sheri R. Levy, JSI Editor-Elect

Soon, the 18-month transition from Rick Hoyle’s editorship to mine will be complete. I want to thank Rick and his editorial board for a very smooth transition. I also want to thank Irene Frieze, Susan Opotow, and Dan Perlman for their very helpful advice during this transition.

The Journal of Social Issues has a long and venerable history of bringing attention to significant and timely social issues through the lens of cutting-edge scientific research. In this way, JSI is recognized widely for its significant advances in understanding and addressing social issues and in setting the agenda for the next wave of research on the topics of its focus. Rick and his board have continued this tradition, and I am deeply honored and excited to work toward continuing this tradition with you.

I hope you will contact me by email (Journal_ about your ideas for issues for JSI. Please check out the JSI website ( for recent updates. I want to thank Susan Dudley for her tremendous assistance.

Incoming Editorial Board
I am pleased to introduce the incoming editorial board of faculty members and graduate students who are already hard at work. I want to thank the SPSSI Graduate Student Committee for soliciting applications for graduate student editors and nominating two excellent candidates.

Jennifer E. Graham, The Pennsylvania State University, United States

Jacquelynne Eccles, University of Michigan, United States

Nick Haslam, University of Melbourne, Australia

Dawn Howerton, Graduate Student, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, United States

Dina Karafantis, New York Institute of Technology, United States

Melanie Killen, University of Maryland, College Park, United States

Shana Levin, Claremont McKenna College, United States

Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton, University of California at Berkeley, United States

Allen M. Omoto, Claremont Graduate University, United States

Jason Plaks, University of Toronto, Canada

Jennifer Richeson, Northwestern University, United States

Adam Rutland, University of Kent at Canterbury, United Kingdom

Beth Shinn, Vanderbilt University, United States

Colleen Varga, Graduate Student, The George Washington University, United States

Maykel Verkuyten, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Issues in Development
The journal is an excellent shape thanks to Rick and his board. We have many high-quality, exciting issues in development that reflect the wide range of significant social issues of interest to JSI readers.

Latinos and Latino Immigrants in the U.S.
– Carey S. Ryan & Juan F. Casas

The Changing Landscape of Intergroup Relations in South Africa
– Gillian Finchilescu & Colin Tredoux

Immigrants and Hosts: Perceptions, Interactions, and Transformations
– Kay Deaux, Victoria Esses, Richard Lalonde, & Rupert Brown

Social Stigma and Social Disadvantage
– Manuela Barreto & Naomi Ellemers

The Reality of Contemporary Discrimination: The Consequences of Hidden Bias in Legal, Employment, and Health Care Contexts
– Jason A. Nier & Samuel L. Gaertner

Scaling the Higher Education Pyramid: Research Addressing Academic and Career Success of Minorities and Women in Science and Engineering
– Martin Chemers & Moin Syed

75 Years of Social Science for Social Action: Historial and Contemporary Perspectives on SPSSI’s Legacy
– Alexandra Rutherford, Frances Cherry, & Rhoda Unger

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